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everyday sacredness

my intention is to create sacred and safe spaces for you to feel, heal, release, connect to your heart, arrive in your body, nourish, and move from a place of trusting your intuition in life.

the art of nourishing yourself deeply

CEREMONIAL CACAO BLENDS by naked chocolate


Image by Charisse Kenion

learn about the history of cacao and dark-side of the chocolate industry 

Ceremonial Cacao has its origins in Central and South America and has been treaded as Medicine before the Colonialism brought it to Europe and mixed it with sugar - selling you good feelings with little integrity and nothing close to cacao.

What others say

One of the main intentions of sharing ceremonial cacao and the art of yin in Switzerland has been to bring like-minded people together in non-judgmental space where they can connect to themselves but also create new friendships. 


“When I first met Cacao, i was a bit skeptical. Having done some other plant medicines before, in my mind i thought “cacao in a ceremony? That’s nonsense”. And as always, life show us exactly what we need and not what we asked for.


That first cacao ceremony was intense. I could feel for the first time being fully with myself, within my heart, with ease. Just by being. And having the opportunity to do it with Aleks was the perfect match. In my mind, Aleks was holding a torch and showing us the way during that journey, making it us feel curious what there was there within the shadows and making us explore as much as we dared to dive.


Aleks has this ability to make you feel safe and make you want to follow the voice of your heart. She is like the fairy godmother of the cacao, granting you a wish, but one that comes from your inner child, your purest wish of the heart. Thank you Aleks for showing me how brave I already was and for introducing me to the amazing plant of Cacao in a completely mind-blowing way."

Aleks and her ceremonial cacao appeared in my life in a journey full of transformation and pure heart opening. Every cacao ceremony that I attended from her was held in an inspired, fulfilling and loving space, allowing you to explore, go deep, experience and connect with your soul.


Aleks has a magical talent in her words, giving you the spark you need in that moment. Listening or reading her is a ritual itself. I’ve been integrating the power of cacao in my daily life, drinking it, cooking with it, sharing it, and I can just be so grateful for the opportunity of having both Aleks and ceremonial cacao in my life.

Miquel, Zurich

I attended the cacao ceremony hosted by Aleks Nikolic at Yoga Tribe Zurich . It has been by far one of the most profound experience I’ve had this year. 

It is said that Cacao is the medicine of the heart & I guess it’s true. I connected deeply within my self & knew what was next. 

Aleks, hosts these beautiful Ceremonies in such a loving and generous way. You feel totally welcome and safe. I could just open up and listen to my heart, tune in.

SEFORA, Zurich
Fabio, Zurich


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