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15. Juli 2024 - 16. Dez. 2024

Elevate Your (Yin) Yoga Teaching Skills Masterclass Series

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Nach Programmabschluss wird ein Zertifikat ausgestellt.
Jeder, der alle Schritte abgeschließt, erhält am Ende des Programms ein Abzeichen.


Welcome to ELEVATE - Root, Rise, Flourish, a 6-month masterclass series led by Aleks Nikolic, a yoga instructor with over 9 years of experience. Aleks has taught globally and founded the Radiant Heart Studio in Zurich. She supports individuals in living authentically and trusting their intuition. This series includes six masterclasses, each two to two and a half hours long, focusing on self-discovery, empowerment, and growth. Sessions cover holding space, sequencing, energetics, teaching Yin Yoga, embodying teachings, and refining voice, language, and cueing. Each masterclass features a self-care practice, including a yin yoga journey for teachers. Engage with Aleks in Q&A sessions to deepen your understanding. Join a vibrant community of yoga teachers for growth, connection, and transformation. Whether you're experienced or new, ELEVATE is your sanctuary for professional and personal development. Classes are live at 9 am (CET Swiss Time) and recorded for later viewing. This is the only live-streamed round, available for self-paced learning later. Masterclass Schedule: - 1st: July 6th - 2nd: August 3rd - 3rd: August 31st - 4th: September 28th - 5th: October 19th - 6th: November 9th Pricing: Before July 6th: - CHF 300 for all 6 masterclasses or CHF 100/month for 3 months Bonus for early sign-ups: - Access to the Yin Library until November - Bonus Masterclass on Space Holding and Creating Safer Yin Classes After July 6th: - CHF 400 or CHF 135/month for 3 months Are you ready to root into your practice, rise to new heights, and flourish as a yoga teacher under Aleks Nikolic's guidance? Join us on this empowering journey and discover your limitless potential. Refund Policy: If you're unhappy with the first masterclass, request a refund (for all classes minus the first one and CHF 50 admin fee) by emailing within 15 minutes after it ends. No refunds are available after the first masterclass. Prices will increase after the program ends.

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300,00 CHF
100,00 CHF/month


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