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Sa., 02. Apr.


Intoku Yoga Zürich

Letzter Platz: Eine Yin Yoga Reise zum Loslassen

Platz schaffen - manchmal angenehmen, manchmal ekstatisch, manchmal herausfordernd und manchmal sehr traurig. Diese Yin Reise ist eine Einladung tief nach Innen zu schauen und den Ballast des Winters loszulassen.

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Letzter Platz: Eine Yin Yoga Reise zum Loslassen
Letzter Platz: Eine Yin Yoga Reise zum Loslassen

Zeit & Ort

02. Apr. 2022, 10:15 – 12:15 MESZ

Intoku Yoga Zürich, Vulkanstrasse 108a, 8048 Zürich, Switzerland


Über die Veranstaltung

Es ist noch ein letzter Platz verfügbar.

Eine Yin Yoga Reise zum Loslassen 

Platz schaffen - manchmal angenehmen, manchmal ekstatisch, manchmal herausfordernd und manchmal sehr traurig. Diese Yin Reise ist eine Einladung tief nach Innen zu schauen und den Ballast des Winters loszulassen und uns mit unserem Herzen sanft verbinden. Was sind deine Herzenswünsche? Was darfst du loslassen um dafür Platz zu schaffen? Welche Gedankenmuster halten dich zurück? Was bedeutet es in deiner Kraft zu stehen?

Yin Yoga ist eine simple Methode um zu entschleunigen, entspannten, reflektieren und dich mit einem Herzen zu verbinden. Keine (Yoga) Erfahrung notwendig um mitzumachen. Bei Schwangerschaft und empfindlichen Knien/Hüften nicht zu empfehlen. 

Weitere Daten und Themen (abwechselnd auf Englisch und Deutsch)

APRIL 2nd 

In April we’ll explore what it means to stand in our power and give ourselves the permission to express ourselves creatively. What is our relationship to the simple act of creating and taking inspired action? Can we create and take the next steps in life without being attached to the outcome? What are we attached to? One thing is to slow down and hear our intuition. It’s another to develop the courage to actually follow your inner calling. The dance between activating your inner fire and surrendering to the flow of life. Exploring also ANGER and DESPERATION.

MAY 6th & 21st

May is for radiating from the heart and express yourself through your voice. Boundaries, walls melting, pain releasing, FEEL TO HEAL. Your heart holds many treasures. Noticing the relationship between what we think and what we feel. Are our minds and hearts working together? Or against each other? How open are we? To feel joy, we also have to allow ourselves to grief and feel pain.

JUNE 3rd & June 18th

Our thoughts are powerful. Often the mind gets labelled as not as spiritual as the heart. But a clear mind means clearer intentions and actions. Deeply knowing if it’s time to let go or keep going. Trusting your instincts and not drawning in the fear options the mind has to offer next to all the beautiful ones. The concepts we have in our minds, shape our lives. This month we’ll focus on bringing more clarity, confidence and connection into our lives. Sit with confusion and get so annoyed about overthinking that you may just stop.

Every single masterclass will be designed different and play with the themes as described below. All classes will be in-person at the beautiful Intoku Yoga Studio in Zurich (5 minutes walk from Bahnhof Altstetten). Saturdays from 10 am - 12 pm and on Fridays from 6:30-8:30 pm. After each class you’re invited to chill in our lounge area with a cup of tea, enjoy snacks and conversations with cool kind-hearted people in Zurich.


Please book your class 48 h hours in advance (6pm / Wednesday before the Friday Yin Class / Thursday 10 am before the Saturday Yin Class). Class size is max. 6 people and hands-on-adjustments are an option. 

-Single Class: CHF 69.- per person 

-Come with a Friend: CHF 133.- for 2 people

-4 Classes Pass if you'd like to join more than one class: CHF 252.- and choose your own dates

Reductions: With an LegiKarte/for Full-Time-Students without supporting parents/Single Parents with low income (below CHF 3500.-), IV Karte etc. 15% off. If you’re struggling financially and/or need a payment plan, let me know in advance. 

The service and payment fee is included in the pricing. 

Please note that there are no refunds once your book and that the booking via email or this form is binding. For questions, send an email to


Yin Yoga is a very simple practice that doesn't require experience in yoga, nor flexibility nor even a faible for sports or movement. As long as you crave to get to know yourself better, are curious about exploring the bright and dark sides of life - inside as well as outside, your welcome to join us on this yin adventure inwards.

Yin Yoga is a tool that helps us to relax our bodies, calm our nervous systems, clear our minds, ground, wind down, nourish and connect to our heart and emotions. Finally a safe space that is held in a way that you can process and digest life and also have a moment to contemplate and reflect on all that is happening inside as well outside yourself.

As we slow down, we start to notice more. Our world and society are so fast paced that there is never a moment of "enoughness" and never an ending of the MORE. Here you're invited to simply be as you are and really get back in touch with your body and inner world.

How can our daily lives become more sacred again? Automatic habits turn into rituals that nourish us? How do our interactions become inspiring and uplifting? Yin Yoga is a tool that not only helps us let go of old trauma that is still stored in our physical bodies but also brings us in tune with our center, the heart. We're being invited to allow some of those walls to melt and get to know the secrets of our hearts.

Each of these 8 masterclasses has a specific intention and is designed to create an energy that will help you to get in touch with yourself on all 4 levels: physically, mentally, emotionlly and energetically. 2 hours just for yourself - spacious, calm, safe and with great humans. Come as you are, enjoy a cup of tea and 2 hours of an undisturbed practice just for yourself.

Yin Yoga can be very blissful and relaxing but also sometimes when we slow down and tune in, we meet parts of ourselves or memories that we have neglected or pushed away. Now you have a moment to digest, forgive, let go and move on when you're ready.


-INTOKU in Zurich Altstetten close to the Bahnhof.

-Please arrive 5-10 minutes earlier to change and settle in. The door opens at 10 min before our class starts. 

-Changing rooms, lockers and showers are available as well as high quality props.


-Optional: Bring a towel to cover the studio yoga mat

-The certificate is not anymore required anymore after February 16th 2022 but I ask everyone to wear the mask until they reach the mat and do a self-test at home or a free antigen rapid test at the pharmacy before joining.

-In case of a lockdown, the new date of the classes will be communicated or it will be switched to ONLINE or outdoors if the temperatures allows. No refunds available but options. :)

-There are no refunds or extensions possible in case of missing/cancling a class

-Masks are not required anymore but you can obv. wear it

Please note that the current booking & cancellation policy and safety concept applies and that you also agree to any future gouvermental changes in case they shift again. No refunds if cancelled but you can transfer your ticket to a friend if it is at least 24 hours in advance. Find all the policies and safety concept here:


  • Single Class

    includes a cup of ceremonial hot chocolate

    CHF 69.00

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