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Sat, Feb 04



COURAGEOUS HEART Yin Yoga Teacher Training (160 hrs)

This Yin Yoga Teacher Training is a deep immersion within a small group. You’ll not only go on extended yin journeys to feel the effects of yin yoga in your own physical, mental, emotional, and energetic body but also learn in various workshops why and what is happening during a yin yoga journey.

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COURAGEOUS HEART Yin Yoga  Teacher Training (160 hrs)
COURAGEOUS HEART Yin Yoga  Teacher Training (160 hrs)

Time & Location

Feb 04, 2023, 8:30 AM – Mar 26, 2023, 7:30 PM

Zürich, Zürich, Switzerland

About the event

Slowing Down

A bittersweet medicine as we’ll encounter the ugly and the beauty. Letting go is a necessity to move forward. Opening the heart to the known and unknown will require courage. To meet oneself - the terror and joy.

This extensive, detail-oriented, and intensive 160 hours of Ceremonial Yin Yoga Teacher Training is an invitation to transform and step into our own potential as we connect to our hearts so that we can be of service to humanity.

Sounds all very dramatic but if you take a moment of reflecting upon the way you make choices when feeling relaxed and trusting vs. fearful and stressed, you’ll see that something as simple as yin yoga can change your life. You might wonder why ceremonial. I’m curious about how we can bring more rituals to our lives. How we can do less but a clearer intention and with that it feels more meaningful to ourselves and others.

The main intention of this training

The main intention of this immersion is to deepen your personal yin yoga practice as well as to provide you with the tools of creating these yin journeys and safe spaces for yourself and others. From practicing proper sequencing and experiencing yin yoga and the yin mindset in your own system, to having time to experiment with teaching yin yoga, reflecting, journaling, meditating, and sharing these transformational experiences and tools within a group of amazing humans.

This training is designed to happen during 5 intensive weekends from January to March with breaks in between. After the first part of the training, you’ll move to the second part, where you’ll start independently creating yin journeys for your friends and strangers and get regular support as you do that. I want you to truly have a container where you’re not left alone after you’ve gotten the foundation to understand yin yoga, its purpose, and how to create intentional journeys but also how to guide yourself and others.

This training is a space where you can experiment, ask questions, un-learn, and re-learn as well as understand yourself on a deeper layer. A big part of this training is personal growth, healing, releasing, and transforming. It is not a yoga holiday, it will be intense and it requires a full commitment during the days of active training, self-study, and practicing teaching. It is at least 160 hours but there are way more in between and the hours of training don’t say as much as constant, committed practice, self-reflection, radical self-honesty, and the intention to keep growing, questioning, and cultivating a beginners mindset with a healthy dose of confidence, self-trust, and groundedness.

What we’ll be studying/practicing 

Next to the lecture practices and sitting in the ceremony, you’ll experience experimental workshops, where you’ll learn and unlearn what you know about (yin) yoga.

•    Yin Yoga Journeys & Cacao Ceremonies

•    40+ Yin Yoga Asanas in Experimental Workshops

•    History of Yin Yoga & Yin Yoga Principles

•    Art of Teaching Yin Yoga & Yin Language

•    The Art of Creating, Opening, Holding, and Closing Spaces

•    Yin Yoga Sequencing based on the Prana Vayus (Yogic Tradition) and Myofascial Meridian Lines (Basics   of the Fascia System (Anatomy Trains) / there is no TCM in this training)

•    Meditation & Pranayama Techniques from the Hatha Yoga Philosophy

•    Mantra, Rituals, Journaling

•    Art of Adjustments  & Hands-on

•    Business Basics & Creating Yin Yoga-related offerings

Training venue, dates and times & how it is built

Part 1 Yin Yoga Foundation Training at Stamy Yoga Zurich from 8/8:30 am to approx. 5:30/6 pm

  • 1st weekend: 4.-5. February 2023
  • 2nd weekend: 11.-12. February 2023
  • break
  • 3rd weekend: 25. - 26. February 2023
  • break
  • 4th weekend:  11.-12. March 2023
  • break
  • 5th weekend: 25.-26. March 2023

Part  2

Independent Practicing Teaching from April to October 2023

  • 5 x 75 minutes calls where you can ask questions, share your teaching experiences and get my feedback/tips on your sequences and any other questions that come up as you teach (will be recorded and we decide the time and days as a group in March 2023)
  • You’ll be observing and assisting one yin yoga journey by Aleks Nikolic
  • You’ll practice teaching 20 hours independently and reflect, learn, experiment, and re-define who you are as a yin yoga teacher
  • You’ll have one Yin Buddy with whom you’ll exchange, support, and empower during this time
  • We’ll have a One Day Yin Festival in September 2023 (we will choose this together), where you’ll be teaching with someone else from the training a 90 minutes yin journey as your graduation project, get feedback from Aleks Nikolic, and then we’ll celebrate together the final moments of our teacher training. 
  •  Anything else:
  • Our in-person weekends will happen in Zurich City at the Stamy Yoga Studio close to Sihlcity.
  • Our online modules will happen on ZOOM.
  • Calculate each week approx. 1 hs of homework like journaling, reading, preparing classes, practicing teaching poses, watching documentaries, repeating whatever we learned the weekend before, and more.
  • The training language is English but Aleks also speaks German. Please let me know your language preference as you register.
  • If you have any questions, please email
  • The training is limited to 8 people only.

Application & Payment

How to apply for this training: 

1. Read everything on the main training page 

2. Choose your payment option below 

3. Answer the questions 

4. Choose how you want to pay (e-banking, twint, credit card, apple pay, klarna) 

5. Book your spot in the training &  make your payment

6. In case you don't get accepted to the training, you'll get a full refund of your investment. You'll hear from Aleks within 48hs from Monday to Friday.

Early-Booking-Offering until the End of the Year (31.12.2022)

Pay in full (discounted): CHF 2600.-

Payment Plan: CHF 225.- per month for 12 months 2 Payments: CHF 1325.- x 2

From January 1st, 2022 - February 1st, 2023

Pay in full (discounted): CHF 2800.- Payment Plan: CHF 240.- per month for 12 months

2 Payments: CHF 1420.- x 2

Anything else

If you have questions, send an email to

Before booking your spot, read the booking and cancellation policy.  Currently, I'm offering one partial scholarship for anyone having financial hardship but envisions joining in this training. If this is you, please send me a short email explaining why you’d need it and why you’d love to participate in it.

More about this training

The focus of this training lies not only in learning the theory but also in experiencing the tools and their effects on your own body, mind, emotions, and energy. Realizing it’s all interconnected - from the way you walk through life to the way you greet someone to the quality of your breath and thoughts.

It’s important for me to not only give you great tools to become great teachers and be of service to your community but also help you clarify your intentions and visions that you’d love to plant and harvest. A big part of it that often lacks in yoga trainings, is the business aspect. How can we do business in alignment with our intention and the yogic teachings instead of slipping into the old, manipulative, and sneaky ways of doing business.

From ethical business choices to pricing, website building, offering creation, and more you’ll be able to not only brainstorm and have support from your buddy, Aleks Nikolic, her assistants, and the whole group but also be able to receive practical tips from Aleks after teaching for over 6 years and building her yoga business and being confronted with many questions. I believe that you don’t have to figure everything out by yourself but that we can share our experiences and create a more ethical and aligned yoga industry.

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