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Fri, Aug 25


Yoga Scheune (Openair Forest Yoga Shala)

Radiant Heart Ceremony - Ignite Your Hearts Power (Cacao, Yin Yoga, Mantra Meditation)

Let's gather back in our summer yoga forest shala in Meilen to ignite your heart's power & feel empowered, connected, embodied, brave, free. A powerful journey leading you back to your inner trust, space to heal, feel, release, & cultivate new energy to move forward from the aligned inside out.

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Radiant Heart Ceremony - Ignite Your Hearts Power (Cacao, Yin Yoga, Mantra Meditation)
Radiant Heart Ceremony - Ignite Your Hearts Power (Cacao, Yin Yoga, Mantra Meditation)

Time & Location

Aug 25, 2023, 7:00 PM – 9:20 PM GMT+2

Yoga Scheune (Openair Forest Yoga Shala), Burgrain 37, 8706 Meilen, Switzerland


About the event

Let's gather back in our summer yoga forest shala in Meilen to ignite your heart's power &  feel empowered, connected, embodied, brave, and free. A powerful journey leading you back to your inner trust, space to heal, feel, release, & cultivate new energy to move forward from the aligned inside out.

The Yin Dragon Journeys aren't for the faint-hearted but every one that is ready to meet themselves with radical honesty, love, compassion, and fierce tenderness. Breaking through physical and mental blockages, releasing stuck energy, and feeling your feelings. This Ceremony is an invitation to channel your inner power. 

You have the capacity to hold space for yourself - you may just need a safe space to tap into that inner power and release some of the things, thoughts, ideas, and concepts of yourself and life that hold you back from that. This Journey is an invitation to cultivate self-trust. To forgive yourself. To not only listen to your heart but also take aligned actions, feeling empowered, confident, and optimistic. Feeling is healing. 

The ceremonial cacao will help us to tap into our heart's energy and expand it. Melting away all the walls that aren't needed anymore, letting our heart expand, bringing healing and nourishment where needed, and connecting to its wisdom and medicine. 

The Goddess Matangi is the outcast, labeled as ugly by society, and yet, she does her thing. She trusts her intuition. She dances to her inner (heart) drum! We'll be channeling this energy with our mantra meditation on an energetic level. 

We'll close the journey with a yoga nidra (full body meditation) to deeply nourish, bring healing and integrate whatever has been moving in the ceremony, connecting deeper to those new insights within our inner world, so that when we move out into the world, we can move from that inner strength, trust, and self-empowerment. 

This journey isn't recommended if you're pregnant or have very sensitive knees/hips or if you're moving through a mentally, physically, and /or emotionally very tough time. You need some capacity to meet yourself. I recommend in this case talking to a therapist or starting with some more gentle healing cacao ceremonies and yin journeys (feel free to email if unsure or wondering what theme would fit best.)

What is included in this nourishing morning/noon:

  • Magical Yoga Shala in the woods (no matter what weather, we can practice outside to nature views and sounds
  • Cacao Ceremony to connect to your Heart by drinking the Ceremonial Cacao Blend by Naked Chocolate (
  • Fiery Heart-Expanding Yin Dragon Journey
  • Our Mantra Meditation calls in the Wild Goddess Matangi that is bravely herself no matter what society thinks of her. 
  • Enjoy Fresh Herbal Tea, Water, and Healthy Snacks
  • Yoga Nidra for deep nourishment and healing
  • A group of amazing humans and potential new friends that feel aligned with who you are (becoming) now
  • Different exercises and rituals on creating small shifts with big impacts in your daily life and how you feel and see yourself, relate to your life and what you do

This is a safe place for ALL humans <3


*Early-booking discount until August 8th in the brackets

- Regular Ticket Price:  CHF 165.-  (*CHF 155.-)

-Reduced Ticket Price: CHF 145.-  (*CHF 135.-)  / For anyone that earns CHF 3400.- or less in a single household.

-Friends Ticket Price: from CHF 250.- for two people together

-Membership: CHF 425.- / 360.- valid for 5 months and 3 ceremonies in total:


If money is an issue, feel free to email me and we can find a solution. I do my best to make my ceremonies accessible and offer reduced rates if possible. 

If you have a valid abo (also trial pass) at younion yoga studio (, you get  10% off your ceremony tickets (regular and early booking as well as friend's tickets), simply use the yoga younionyoga as you book your ticket. Please note that I will check if you have an abo. Make sure you register with the same email address.

Booking conditions: 

Please note that the current booking & cancellation policy and safety concept isn't applying currently but that you also agree to any future governmental changes in case they shift again. No refunds if you cancel for any reason but you can transfer your ticket to a friend if it is at least 10 hours in advance. If you let me know at least 48hs in advance, you can shift the ticket to another Ceremony for a fee of CHF 30.- / if you wake up feeling physically unwell, email and we'll find a solution. In case Aleks has to postpone the Ceremony due to health reasons, you'll receive within a week new date suggestions or a voucher to join another ceremony. Please note that as a small business owner, I can't make refunds but happy to find solutions if you're coming from a genuine place. 

Find all the policies and safety concepts here:


-There isn't anything specific you have to prepare. It's recommended to hydrate well prior to and after the ceremony as ceremonial cacao activates the liver and is great for your connective tissue. It helps flush out whatever needs to be released physically, mentally, and emotionally.

-Keep your food intake on the day of the Ceremony and evening before light(er) and vegetarian. Anything that you digest easily and feels light in your system. Bring a snack for after the Ceremony.

-You may have a specific intention or want to tune into what would help you completely to immerse yourself in the Ceremony. If you can, don't make appointments on the day of the ceremony, maybe even the day after. It's good to take some time to nourish, be in nature, and not rush, solve, or move too much but have space to do whatever feels good at that moment! :)

-You can journal or meditate upon the following questions if this helps you:

1. How am I feeling physically right now?

2. How am I feeling mentally right now?

3. How am I feeling emotionally right now?

4. How am I feeling energetically right now?

5. What would I like to solve/release from my life/body/mind/emotions?

6. What would be something I'd like to feel/experience more in my life?

7. How would I describe the relationship to myself in 3-5 words?

8. What can I do to feel more nourished in my day-to-day life?

9. What is something that I can do for myself to feel connected to myself?

10. What people in my life lift me up, help me grow, and allow me to fully be myself? Which people are crossing my boundaries and constantly complaining?

-Notice in your day-to-day life what activities, people, habits, routines, rituals, and places feel expanding and nourishing and which feel contracting and stressful


  • Regular Ticket

    CHF 165.00
    Sale ended
  • Reduced Ticket

    If you earn max. CHF 3400.- or below in a single (parent) household.

    CHF 145.00
    Sale ended
  • Ceremony Pass (regular)

    This is a membership for three monthly ceremonies with Aleks Nikolic in Zurich. It is valid for 5 months from the day of purchase. You'll receive a code from Aleks Nikolic to book your ceremonies with the memebership.

    From CHF 360.00 to CHF 425.00
    Sale ended
    • CHF 425.00
    • CHF 360.00
    • Friends Ticket

      1 ticket for two people

      From CHF 250.00 to CHF 280.00
      Sale ended
      • CHF 280.00
      • CHF 250.00


      CHF 0.00

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