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Sat, Jun 12



SOLD OUT // Summer Magic: The Ecstatic Heart Journey - Yin, Mantra & Cacao Ceremony

Mhmmm, remember that feeling when you're falling in love and the hormones, excitement, magic, and joy rush through your body? You become drunk in love and everything seems possible and detached from the worldly attachments - well, welcome to the Goddess Chinnamasta Ecstatic Heart Experience.

Fully Booked / Email for the waiting list
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SOLD OUT // Summer Magic: The Ecstatic Heart Journey - Yin, Mantra & Cacao Ceremony
SOLD OUT // Summer Magic: The Ecstatic Heart Journey - Yin, Mantra & Cacao Ceremony

Time & Location

Jun 12, 2021, 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Meilen, Burgrain 37, 8706 Meilen, Switzerland


About the event

Mhmmm, remember that feeling when you're falling in love and the hormones, excitement, magic, and joy rush through your body? You become drunk in love and everything seems possible and detached from the worldly attachments - well, welcome to the Goddess Chinnamasta Ecstatic Heart Experience.

This journey is designed to feel ALIVE, WILD, FREE.

Chinnamasta is the Goddess that cuts off her own head and then dances ecstatically as she's drinking it. But she's not dead - she's more alive because she goes beyond the consciousness and is drunk in love.

On a more down-to-earth level, she's the energy that makes us lose our minds sometimes and do that one crazy thing our heart yearns for. Nothing harmful - more soul-nourishing, heart uplifting, body recharging with NEW energy. Feeling excited about life again. Not numbing ourselves or needing constant stimulants from the outside to FEEL joy, fun, excitement for life.

Can we take the risk? Can we jump? Can we fly high? Can we be okay with kissing the ground and grazing our knees? Can this all be part of life?

We'll be drinking a new NAKED CHOCOLATE ceremonial cacao blend called "MAGIC POTION" and chant the HUM mantra that is the mantra of wrath and brings transformation. What is beyond the body-mind-identification? Who am I? And if my body dies, where do I go? Who am I truly? Can I live life between the spectrum of "there is no rush and space for everything" AND "I might die tomorrow, so why not TRULY enJOY today?".

It will be a deep yin journey, we'll also release a lot of tennis with the support of the myofascial release technique and then explore that new space in yin yoga. The mantra will go beyond our physical body and also penetrate through the mental, emotional and energetic body. Our cacao will remind us that there is still magic around and that all we need to do is to tune in more into the wisdom of our own hearts. Purifying the heart, clearing the mind, nourishing the body, and damn...getting excited and VIBRANT about life again.

Tuning also into our fears of not taking a risk. The fear of truly opening the heart, becoming NAKED. What are we afraid to see? What are we afraid to show? What are we afraid to let go of? What is the real price we're paying for NOT courageously trusting our hearts and TAKING THE DAMN RISK!


  • Regular Ticket: CHF 150.-
  • Reduced Ticket**: CHF 132.-  (for everyone earning less than CHF 2900.- per month)
  • Give Back Ticket**: CHF 125.- (CHF 25.- will be donated)
  • Ceremony Pass: CHF 500.- (for all 4 x 4 hs Ceremonies from June to September:)

Book your ticket directly here through the form.

For questions email

This specific ceremony is not designed for pregnancy.

It's possible to pay via credit card, twint, and e-banking (if you choose those two payment options, please pay immediately and make sure you write your name and ceremony date). Please note that there will be a small ticket fee added through the system.

General Intention of the SUMMER MAGIC HEART JOURNEYS:

Everything will be so constructed that it will “force” you out of your comfort zone for 4 hours. After the ceremony, you’ll receive 2 online yin yoga classes and 1 online ceremony (pre-recorded) to integrate within 3 weeks. When we go on this journey, I invite you to deeply make it practical and relatable to your own life. These are some tools to create those scenarios and energies in a held container that can occur in life at any time. It’s an invitation to deeply feel AND remain very aware, conscious, and curious throughout the process.

How deep can I go?

How terrified am I?

How deeply is my heart yearning?

How honest am I truly with myself?

What do I resist in life?

What am I stealing from my own life?

How painful does it need to get, so I create a change?

You don’t need to have the experience to join the ceremonies, just come as you are and be open to exploring different parts of yourself and within that ceremonial container, respect yourself, the space, people in it, and these beautiful ancient tools. Have an intention - even if it’s as simple as feeling yourself again. Grounding. Being able to breathe. Bring back rituals to your day-to-day life. Figure out what you love and hate. Soften, relax, nourish more often. Get to know yourself. All is valid and you’re welcome to feel all you need to feel.

The full intention and summer schedule can be found here.

Safety Concept Outdoor Yoga Shala "Yoga Scheune":

Please note that the safety concept can change at any time. In the Yoga Scheune Shala, we need to keep 1,5 m space and just wear a mask till we reach the mat. The maximum amount of people is 15 including me. So please book your space in advance. If you want to join all 16 hours of ceremonies, the ceremony pass is CHF 500.- for all 4 ceremonies (CHF 125.- for each!). I'll be also offering summer pop up yin yoga classes outside, but let's see how the weather develops first. :))

Please note that the ticket is only available for the day you've booked and can't be extended, changed, postponed and there are no refunds if you cancel. Read the Safety Concept, Booking and Cancellation Policy carefully, as you're confirming it and agreeing by booking. You can gift/sell that ticket to a friend though. If I find someone else that can take your date, you'll receive the investment minus 11% for the admin and booking fee. The safety concept has to be respected - mask until you reach your mat and if you move, you have to wear a mask.

**This is a sliding scale for the ticket prices and as always, if you truly can’t afford it financially, please email me at I’ve also added a ticket, where 24 Swiss Francs will be donated to different organizations in Guatemala, Bali, and India to honor the roots of these practices. If you can afford it, that’s an option for you to close the circle of appreciation.

The donations from June and July will go towards BALI STREET MUM's. You can also donate directly to the organizations, I'm also happy to know it, so we can inspire our community to give back and support a great organization.

I will communicate soon which organizations I’ll support from the donations in August and September 2021 as I feel it’s important to not only give back financially but also become aware of where these practices come from and how to share them respectfully without appropriating another culture. 

As Europeans especially (Americans too btw as we’re cousins;) we have to sit with the painful truth of the damage colonization has caused in those communities and this is not a giving back in form of a white savior complex but because it's time to honor these cultures and practices on different levels. I'm still learning and deconstructing my own belief system around this and grateful if you notice something that is out of alignment and let me know. Even if it's something in the ceremonies that happen and you felt I could have handled it differently. 

Please come speak to me. I do my best but doing our best is not always as peaceful as we think and can cause harm. I am a big fan of self-responsibility and self-accountability and yet, we're all connected, and to just simply deny someone's pain out of ignorance and own ego fear deconstruction is not the intention of creating these spaces and sharing these tools. How can we share from a space of true vulnerability without gaslighting and losing our ownership?

If you do know great local organizations, please email me at


-Location: Openair Yoga Shala "Yoga Scheune" in Meilen

-Every Ceremony starts at 10 am and ends at 2 pm - Please arrive 5 minutes earlier

-No experience needed, everyone is welcome, there is no need to be a "yoga" or "spiritual" or "esoteric" person :) just a curious human being that is open to exploring its inner landscapes, relax their body, calm their mind, connect to their heart, and nourish their overall being by spending quality time with themSelves and great people in a safe, non-judgemental setting.

-Please order your cacao online at least 48 hours before the ceremony to collect after the ceremony and enjoy at home. Now there are CACAO BOXES "Pandora" and "Trinity" available by Naked Chocolate, so you can try the special blends and classic blends. If it's later, please email me beforehand, so that it's surely there (

-Arrive on time or 5 minutes earlier and wait to be invited upstairs. Please wear a mask and read the safety concept carefully.

-Bring a to-go or regular cup for the herbal spice tea that we'll serve (created for this ceremony as well as the smudge blends)

-Bring a big towel to cover the studio mat or your own mat, wear comfortable and loose clothes, have layers if you are cold/hot, it's always nice to have 2, 3 light shawls to cover your face, wear around your shoulders. If you have, bring two tennis balls.

-Bring a journal & pen to make notes, journal, write down ideas, ...

-For questions email

-Book your spot directly through this form

-For Cacao and Yin Yoga: As you book your spot, please Aleks know if you have epilepsy, are pregnant (incl. stage), take anti-depressants and/or medication for the heart / high blood pressure, have any physical injuries, or are in any mental or physical medical treatment.

-Please book your ceremony at least one day before, latest 5 pm. But most likely it will be already fully booked. If it's bookable through this form, then you can assume that your space 100% confirmed. You'll receive an immediate (automatic) email with all the important details. Please read carefully.

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