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Mon, Jun 05


Ashuma Retreat Montenegro

Trust Your Inner Flow Yin Yoga Immersion in Montenegro - A 70 hrs Teacher Training for Space Holders & Yoga Teachers

Living life fully and staying true to your heart, even when it is hard. Trusting the process when all flows & challenges you. Join us for a week of retreating from the world or immersing yourself as a yin yoga student.

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Trust Your Inner Flow Yin Yoga Immersion in Montenegro - A 70 hrs Teacher Training for Space Holders & Yoga Teachers
Trust Your Inner Flow Yin Yoga Immersion in Montenegro - A 70 hrs Teacher Training for Space Holders & Yoga Teachers

Time & Location

Jun 05, 2023, 12:00 PM GMT+2 – Jun 11, 2023, 12:00 PM GMT+2

Ashuma Retreat Montenegro, Bjeloši bb, 9VGP+257, 81250, Montenegro

About the event

Trust Your Inner Flow Yin Yoga Immersion - A Teacher Training for Space Holders & Yoga Teachers


Immerse yourself fully in the stunning, raw, wild & beautiful lands of Montenegro. In the National Park Lovcen, we're going not only to meet our untamed Self and journey deep within, but we'll also have a special opportunity to bath in the yin & untouched energy of this magical, serene space surrounded by nature & in total harmony with it.

This Yin Yoga Teacher Training is a deep immersion within a small group. You’ll not only go on extended yin journeys to feel the effects of yin yoga in your own physical, mental, emotional, and energetic body but also learn in various lectures and workshops why and what is happening during a yin yoga class so that you can create safe and sacred spaces yourself for others and/or deepen your personal practice. If you'd love to join us this June in Montenegro, you can choose between the Untamed Retreat and Trust Your Inner Flow Yin Yoga Teacher Training.

Slowing Down

A bittersweet medicine as we’ll encounter the ugly and the beauty. Letting go is a necessity to move forward. Opening the heart to the known and unknown will require courage. 

To meet oneself - the terror and joy.

This extensive, detail-oriented, and intensive Ceremonial Yin Yoga Teacher Training is an invitation to transform and step into our own potential as we connect to our hearts so that we can be of service to humanity immersed in Mother Nature. 

Sounds all very dramatic but if you take a moment of reflecting upon the way you make choices when feeling relaxed and trusting vs. fearful and stressed, you’ll see that something as simple as yin yoga can change your life. You might wonder why ceremonial. I’m curious about how we can bring more rituals into our lives. How we can do less but a clearer intention and with that it feels more meaningful to ourselves and others.

This training is a space where you can experiment, ask questions, un-learn, and re-learn as well as understand yourself on a deeper layer. A big part of this training is personal growth, healing, releasing, and transforming. It is not a yoga holiday, it will be intensive and it requires a full commitment during the days of active training, self-study, and practicing teaching. It is at least 60 hours but there are way more in between and the hours of training don’t say as much as constant, committed practice, self-reflection, radical self-honesty, and the intention to keep growing, questioning, and cultivating a beginners mindset with a healthy dose of confidence, self-trust, and groundedness.

What we’ll be studying/practicing/experimenting with (with the intention to create embodied knowledge and not just rational):

Next to the lecture practices and sitting in the ceremony, you’ll experience experimental workshops, where you’ll learn and unlearn what you know about (yin) yoga, eat delicious food, meet amazing humans and practice your first yin yoga teachings. 

•    Yin Yoga Journeys & Cacao Ceremonies accompanied by Live Healing Music and Smudging Rituals

•    Yin Yoga Asanas in Experimental Workshops

•    History of Yin Yoga & Yin Yoga Principles

•    Art of Teaching Yin Yoga & Yin Language

•    The Art of Creating, Opening, Holding, and Closing Spaces

•    Yin Yoga Sequencing based on the Prana Vayus (Yogic Tradition) and Myofascial Meridian Lines (Basics of the Fascia System (Anatomy Trains) / there is no TCM in this training)

•    Meditation & Pranayama Techniques from the Hatha Yoga Philosophy

•    Mantra, Rituals, Journaling

•    Art of Adjustments  & Hands-on

•    Business Basics & Creating Yin Yoga-related offerings

•    Meeting amazing humans, co-create, holding space for each other, sharing circles and lunch breaks in solitude or together

•    Expanding our capacity to hold space for ourselves and from there for others

•    Taking a leap into the unknown and staying open to new experiences in life

•    Training our courage muscles in the out-of-comfort zone space

•    Exploring your WHY and how to create authentic offers and sacred spaces 

This is for you if:

-Crave a heart adventure and want to take a leap of faith into the unknown

-You’re a yoga teacher, space holder, coach, energy worker (and more) and want to expand on your own teaching and space-holding skills

-You've done at least 200 hrs of Yoga Teacher Training (or a different modality - but for this email first)

-You’d love to broaden and deepen your knowledge and learn additional tools, techniques, and ways to work with yourself and humans in 1:1 or group sessions

-You crave a safely and sacredly held space for yourself to dive deeper into your own inner and outer journey

-You want to explore yin yoga on a deeper level not just intellectually but on an embodied level - physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically

-Are curious to integrate more rituals and ceremonies in your personal life and your business

-You can self-regulate. It is important to have the emotional maturity and the capacity to hold space for yourself aka the ability to switch from emotional states to focus and groundedness —> self-regulation. This is a training where we will go deep inwards and things will come up, at the same time, we’re here to educate ourselves about yin yoga, which happens also on an intellectual level.

-Commitment, dedication & curiosity to do your homework, practice, and participate actively in the training as well as take self-responsibility, remember to come back to your own center and take inspired action and care of yourself.

The focus of this training lies not only in learning the theory but also in experiencing the tools and their effects on your own body, mind, emotions, and energy. Realizing it’s all interconnected - from the way you walk through life to the way you greet someone to the quality of your breath and thoughts.

It’s important for me to not only give you great tools to become great teachers and be of service to your community but also help you clarify your intentions and visions that you’d love to plant and harvest. A big part of it that often lacks in yoga training, is the business aspect. How can we do business in alignment with our intention and the yogic teachings instead of slipping into the old, manipulative, and sneaky ways of doing business?

From ethical business choices to pricing, website building, offering creation, and more you’ll be able to not only brainstorm and have support from your buddy, Aleks Nikolic, her assistants, and the whole group but also be able to receive practical tips from Aleks after teaching for over 6 years and building her yoga business and being confronted with many questions. I believe that you don’t have to figure everything out by yourself but that we can share our experiences and create a more ethical and aligned yoga industry.

Certification &  Requirements:

  • You’ll receive a certification if you participate in the full course by Aleksandra Nikolic Art of Yin (if you get ill, you’ll have to bring an attestation and re-do any modules you miss in a Private 1:1 at extra cost), do all homework, successfully create and teach your final project. If you're not planning on teaching, you don't have to participate in the 2nd part of the teacher training where you practice teaching.
  • It isn’t guaranteed to receive the certificate by all means as teaching yin yoga requires some level of self-responsibility, capacity to hold space, and groundedness.
  • 60 to 70+ hours Yin Yoga Teacher & Space Holding Training Immersion if you’ve done all the reading and have held space / taught 10 hours of yin yoga. You also have to finish all the required assignments/reading and send in a recorded (live-streamed) sample yoga class and submit a teaching reflection on the 10 hours of teaching and observing 1 yin yoga class with Aleks Nikolic. You will have time to submit everything until October 30th, 2023. We'll have an optional graduation dinner in Zurich City in November/December (we'll doodle a date together). 
  • Please note that for the certification you need to have some sort of other bodywork/yoga training and experience already with holding space. You can also simply join for your personal journey minus the certification and the teaching hours/graduation yin yoga class. You can still join for your personal experience but won't be needing to do the required assignments and teachings. I believe one of the most essential parts is to practice holding space for ourselves so that we can expand our capacity to hold space for others.
  • If you’re not sure if you qualify, email Please note that humans of any gender/age are very welcome and that one of the most important things is that we all meet each other with respect. 

Schedule Example Teacher Training Immersion (that can vary):

7 am: Small Fruit and Nuts Snack

7:15-9 am Morning Workshop

9-10:30 am Morning Session

10:45 am Brunch and Break

12:30-4 pm: Afternoon Workshops (incl. small breaks in between)

4:30-6:30 pm Evening Session

7 pm Dinner

free time until 10:30 pm (we'll practice silence in the rooms from 10 pm so that everyone can enjoy their sleep)

The dates, timing, and location:

-7 days of in-person training from Monday, June 5th  - Sunday, June 11th, 2023  

-in the Mountains of Montenegro at this magical retreat center - read more about the ceremonies and retreat location

-after the in-person training: 10 hours of teaching/holding space plus additional hours reading/journaling/reflecting and observing one yin yoga class with Aleks Nikolic (weekly yin class or monthly cacao ceremony, dates to choose from be released soon, already possible on July 18th / 8 pm)

-1 Q&A Zoom call to ask questions, and share experiences after our in-person teacher training

-We'll also be in a WhatsApp group where you can share your ceremonies, and get guidance, tips, encouragement, and more from Aleks and other participants (if you join earlier, there is a group on this website, where you can connect with the participants and introduce yourself).

-Please note this is an intimate container where I want to support you as much as possible, so it’s limited to 8 humans

The Investment & Booking:

APPLY & BOOK YOUR SPOT DIRECTLY BELOW.  Write as you book which room you prefer and you'll get an invoice once your spot is confirmed at the training. 

Pricing for the Training:

  •   CHF 950.- / Payment plan: CHF 215.- monthly for 5 months if paid by twint or e-banking*

For the Accommodation & Food:

Your investment includes next to the yin yoga teacher training (as described above) 12 ceremonies with Aleks Nikolic, Sound Healings and Bonfire Jams by Mehdi Dehbandi, (self-service) morning tea & cacao, daily vegetarian dinner & brunch, a goodie bag, and 6 nights at the luxurious Ashuma mountain retreat venue in beautiful glamping tents from South Africa (fully high-quality furnished). 

Please note that we will be a group of a maximum of 12 participants. You can book your spot by scrolling down and choosing a payment option that suits your budget. 

Please note that if you pay by credit card/klarna, there is an additional charge of CHF 30.-. I recommend choosing twint or e-banking (offline payment). All future payments plan will be through e-banking or credit card with an extra fee.

Accommodation & Meals Pricing:

​Either pay in full or choose a payment plan*. 

1. Shared Quadruple Room with single bed: CHF 1200.- /  *CHF 325.- per month x 4

2. Shared Twin / Double Room with two single beds or 1 double bed per request: CHF 1400.- / *CHF 375.- per month x 4

3. Single Room with a queen bed (limited availability): CHF 1600.- / *CHF 400.- per month x 4

Additional Specials:

If you book with a friend/partner/family member together, you both receive a CHF 50.- discount at any time. Email for the code. 

What else?

-*If you pay by credit card/klarna, there is an additional fee of CHF50.- for the total price and CHF 20.- for the payment plan on the early-booking-special

-There is a non-refundable deposit as you book your spot: CHF 500.- (included in the total pricing) for the food/accommodation and CHF 450.- for the teacher training. CHF 950.- in total. 

-Special for my current yin yoga teacher training students: 10% off per course if both are booked 15% off until April 30th, 2023 (email for this)

-Special if you book both pieces of training or one training  (July Yin Yoga Teacher Training and Divine Feminine Immersion in August) and the June Untamed Retreat in Montenegro: 10 % off total pricing for all until April 30th, 2023 (email for this)

—> this all is valid for payment in full and partial payments on the total pricing minus credit card costs

Read the booking and cancellation policy below. The non-refundable deposit needs to be paid as you book your spot in this immersion.

About Aleks Nikolic and her 7 years of teaching experience:

In November 2014 I cried on my bathroom floor, working non-stop as a Community Manager for a big American corporation. I felt exhausted and I simply craved to feel happy. I guess today I’d call it an urge to feel fulfilled as happiness isn’t something we can expect to feel always, yet fulfillment helps us trust in the moments when life feels challenging.

With that decision, I recommitted to my yoga practice and hired a life coach. In February 2015 I went to Brazil for a retreat by myself and made the secret decision to leave Switzerland a year from today for good. I found a 200hs Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in the jungle of Costa Rica that would start in March 2016. Well, the urge became louder and I quit my job earlier, starting my journey with a trip to Italy and the wonderful city of Verona.

I’ve sold all my things and got myself a one-way ticket to Bali where I woke up in October 2015.

What a crazy journey life is. We simply have to make a choice that we are not willing to move anymore in directions that deprive us of feeling aligned and working against ourselves.

Before the teacher training, I started organizing women’s circles and workshops around creativity, journaling, self-expression, vulnerability, and rituals. After that, I started teaching in Mexico in May 2016 first on the beach and then in a local yoga studio. From then on I’ve taught in youth camps, eco-resorts, and urban city yoga studios from Zurich to Prague, Bangkok, and all over the world in Europe, South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and Central America.

I’ve done over 500 hours of teacher training and immersions in Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, MyoYin and Myofascial Release, Yoga Nidra, Tantric Hatha Yoga and Divine Feminine, Kids Yoga, ThetaHealing, and much more.

From 2018 until today I’m assisting Nik Robson during the Yin Culture Teacher Training and led this summer my first extended Ceremonial Yin Yoga Teacher Training.

In the following articles, blog posts, and podcast episodes you can read more about my journey and if you have more questions about my qualifications, please send me an email:

-20 Minuten Newspaper Article

-Akut Magazine Article

-Ekkoist Anina Mutter Blogpost

Booking and Cancellation Policy:

I strongly recommend booking travel insurance and having international health insurance valid for Switzerland if coming from abroad. Please note that the CHF 950.- deposit is not refundable for the training  (CHF 450.-) and accommodation/food package (CHF 500.-). 

The participant is responsible to pay cancellation fees as


● Cancel 80 days prior to arrival - 100 percent of the full booking fee is due

to the organizer

● Cancel 90 days prior to arrival - 80 percent of the full booking fee is due to

the organizer

● Cancel 120 days prior to arrival - 60 percent of the full booking fee is due to

the organizer


The cancellation policy applies to all reasons for cancellation. The organizer is not responsible for any forces of nature that may cause the participant to cancel. Also, holiday insurance is recommended. In case you find someone to take over your spot, you'll receive a voucher of the total amount of the payment minus the deposit for another teacher training/immersion with Aleks Nikolic.


  • Yin Yoga TT Tickets

    Please read the booking and cancellation fee before applying for a spot and note that the non-refundable deposit of CHF 450.- is included in the full payment and partially in the payment plan. To avoid extra cost, choose twint or e-banking payment option.

    From CHF 215.00 to CHF 950.00
    Sale ended
    • CHF 950.00
    • CHF 215.00
    • CHF 450.00
    • Accommodation and Food Package

      Choose your room option for the yoga teacher training in Montenegro. It includes a brunch and dinner buffet, as well as an early-morning snack and tea.

      From CHF 325.00 to CHF 1,600.00
      Sale ended
      • CHF 1,200.00
      • CHF 325.00
      • CHF 1,400.00
      • CHF 375.00
      • CHF 1,600.00
      • CHF 400.00


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