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become part of the  RADIANT HEART STUDIO team

The Radiant Heart Studio is set to become a vibrant, abundant, creative, and warm community space for various healing and creative arts; welcoming everyone from October 1st, 2023. Envisioned by Aleks Nikolic with over 8 years of experience in teaching yoga and creating sacred spaces.

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You will find our studio nestled in the heart of Kreis 3, Zurich Wiedikon, just a delightful 5-minute walk from Sihlcity at Rüdigerstrasse 17, 8045 Zürich. Whether you prefer to arrive by train, bicycle, tram, bus, car, or on foot, it’s easy to reach.


Event Rental Options and Membership

If you're a freelance yoga teacher or instructor looking to host your magical ceremonies, rituals, classes, privates, retreats, circles, gatherings, or workshops, I highly recommend becoming a member. As a member, you'll receive special renting conditions, exclusive invitations to team gatherings and workshops, and access to reduced or even free classes and trainings. I’m looking for yoga/dance/pilates teachers/instructors, coaches, and space holders. I’m open to various styles of yoga, movement, singing, art, meditation, relaxation, and healing practices.  You can also utilize the space for massage or manual therapy sessions and coaching sessions. Of course, you are more than welcome to just host an event for our regular booking conditions. 


Our Inviting Space

At Radiant Heart Studio, I offer you a bright, cozy, and thoughtfully designed space adorned with pastel colors. Expect a clean and organized environment, intentionally crafted to inspire, dream, practice, sweat, slow down and tune in. Have a look at the studio here.



The Following Slots Are Open For a Regular Class (Monthly, Bi-Weekly, or Weekly):

Class Time Slots:

  • Mornings are currently available and flexible to choose from Monday to Friday. Examples:

    • 06:30-8:00 am

    • 08:15-09:30 am

    • 09:45-11:00 am

  • Lunch classes can be scheduled on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 11:15 to 13:15

  • Afternoons are currently available and flexible to choose from Monday to Friday. Examples:

    • 13:30-14:45 

    • 15:00-16:15

    • 16:30-17:45

  • The following evenings are currently available to host a weekly or bi-weekly or monthly class:

    • Mondays from 6-7:45 pm from ASAP or the latest 1.4.24

    • Tuesdays from 8-9:45 pm from ASAP or the latest 1.4.24

    • Wednesdays 6-7:45 pm or  7-8:45 pm from ASAP or the latest 1.4.24

    • Fridays between 5 and 7 pm for weekly/bi-weekly  classes or individual timings for monthly classes from ASAP

    • Sundays from 6:30 / 7 pm from ASAP

  • Are you a therapist/coach? And are looking for a nice space for once a week? It's possible to book the studio for 1 or more full/half days weekly on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. For more details and full rates, email

Pricing for Regular Classes (4x a month / could also be split in 1-2x a month):

  • Morning, Lunch, and Afternoon Classes: CHF 245.-

  • Evening Classes from 16:30: CHF 300.-

  • If you plan to teach classes that cost CHF 15.- or offer donation-based or charity events, please reach out to me, as I can offer you a discounted price for morning and afternoon classes.


Pricing for Specials, Privates, and Workshops:

  • Exclusively Whole Weekend: CHF 350.-

  • One day from 7 am to 5 pm: 150.-

  • One Day incl. the Evening: CHF 180.-

  • Event up to 4 hours: CHF 110.-

  • Up to 2 hours: CHF 75.-

  • Private Classes/Therapy/Massage Sessions 1:1 per hour: CHF 20.- (only full hours).

Additional Information for Special Events

Make sure you calculate in your booking the preparation, cleaning, arrival and departure and chilling in the lounge area of your participants in the total amount of time. Please keep in mind that I don’t take another deposit for the specials from members but we expect that the studio will be returned clean and tidy as it was found. I am excited to host your special event at Radiant Heart Studio. If you have any inquiries or wish to make a booking, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at your earliest convenience. 


What's Included in the Rent and What You'll Receive When Hosting
Your Event at Radiant Heart Studio:

  • A spacious and bright space comprising of 2 connected rooms, each measuring 39m2, providing a total of 78m2 area to do either cozy 1:1 sessions or classes with up to 17 yoga mats if both rooms are being used.

  • Ample space and materials for up to 17 people, including 16 firm bolsters, 28 cork blocks, 20 belts, 14 wool blankets, 2 couch blankets, couch pillows, 12 pilates balls and 4 tennis balls, 13 jade yoga mats, 4 regular yoga mats and 6 anchors in the ceiling for aerial yoga.

  • A delightful lounge and tea corner, complete with a comfortable couch, wardrobe, and shop, along with various props.

  • A selection of teas and snacks (cookies, nuts,..) for serving.

  • We also provide several teapots, water carafes, milk foamer, Nespresso coffee machine (capsules not included) cups, glasses, 1 thermos, Aeroporess filter coffeemaker, and utensils for cleaning/washing.

  • Access to Oracle card decks, smudge sticks, and candle holders (including candles) for use during your event.

  • Big whiteboard with different pens

  • Adjustable lighting options create the desired ambiance, ranging from cozy to bright.

  • A mirror wall with light curtains and a solid wooden dance floor.

  • Multiple windows with blinds for natural lighting control.

  • A Marshall speaker (via Bluetooth) for audio playback.

  • Convenient access to 2 toilets.

  • The studio is located on the 3rd floor, accessible by lift.

  • Excellent connectivity to public spots, with limited parking slots available in the closer surroundings (Blue Zone & Sihlcity).

  • A small shop featuring crystals, aura sprays, ceremonial cacao, jewelry, candle holders, smudge, and tea blends.

  • Provided instruments include 1 Tibetan singing bowl and 1 bamboo aqua chime.

  • A small library with yoga books.

  • Promotion of your event on social media and in our monthly newsletter "Radiant Heart Letters," as well as specific yoga-related Facebook groups. The sooner we receive your material, the sooner we can start supporting you in promoting your event.

  • Freedom to set your own prices, keep the profits, and have your participants book directly through you.

  • Optional assistance from a Karma Yogini who can help you with setting up the space and cleaning the studio (approximately 60-120 minutes) in exchange for the class/workshop/retreat.

  • Room sprays and 2 small diffusers with essential oils are also available.

  • Your offering will be prominently displayed on our website under the events section, weekly schedules, and the about page:

  • You have the freedom to set your own prices, allowing you to keep the profits, and participants will have the convenience of booking directly through you.

  • As a member of the community, you will have the opportunity to join classes, ceremonies, workshops, and training at a reduced rate, fostering your growth and development.

  • Opportunity to be creative and discover your unique style of teaching and sharing your passions. Radiant Heart Studio is the perfect space to explore and express your authentic self.

  • Please take a look at how the studio looks here.


How to Apply for a Slot and What Happens Next:

  • Email Application: Please send me an email at, introducing yourself, sharing why you wish to teach at our studio, and expressing your passions. I'd love to hear more about your class and your vision for it.

  • Confirmation and Payment: Once we confirm your dates and times, I will set up a contract and, you can secure your slot by making a deposit payment of CHF 300.- through e-banking or Twint. Additionally, kindly send me various pictures, a description (including the price), information about yourself, details about the target audience of your class, and how participants can book the class. Don't forget to include your Instagram handle and/or website. 

  • First Rent and Studio Visit: The first rent is due before you begin teaching your class. If you'd like, you're more than welcome to visit the studio in person to get acquainted with the space.

  • Before booking, please check the calendar for availability and send an email to with your preferred dates and times for the special events.


What I Expect From You:

  • Be a self-led, responsible individual.

  • Demonstrate clarity, motivation, and stamina in building a yoga class, understanding that it may take at least 6 months.

  • Create intentional, safe, and vibrant spaces for participants to heal, feel, move, rest, relax, and grow.

  • Treat Radiant Heart Studio and everyone in it with respect.

  • Teach and hold space with joy and enthusiasm.

  • Communicate clearly and honestly, providing all necessary materials for event promotion.

  • Feel free to ask for assistance or arrangements; I am here to support you.

  • Share feedback and suggestions about your experience, what you loved, and areas for improvement.

  • Leave the studio clean, tidy, and organized as expected.

  • Uphold Radiant Heart Yoga standards for members and participants.

  • To be a compassionate individual who enjoys creating intentional, safe, and vibrant spaces for healing, feeling, movement, rest, relaxation, and personal growth.

  • To treat Radiant Heart Studio and everyone within it with the utmost respect.

  • To approach teaching and holding space with joy and enthusiasm.

  • Clear, honest, and straightforward communication, including the timely submission of all necessary materials for promoting your event.

  • If you have specific needs or requirements, please inform me so I can explore the possibility of accommodating them. I am here to support you!

  • I value your feedback and appreciate hearing about your positive experiences as well as any suggestions for improvement.


Booking and Conditions:

  • To secure your slot, payments must be made in advance as you book your slot and on the 1st of each month for monthly slots.

  • Slots are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • I require a CHF 300.- deposit, which you will receive partially or fully back if you don’t quit your teaching slot within the first 6 months of teaching and of course, nothing happens with the studio during your time of booking. If you cancel your slot after that but before 12 months have passed, I will keep CHF 150.-. There is a two month's notice to cancel a slot or membership

  • Our Karma Yoginis support me with keeping the studio clean and organized in exchange for a yoga class. They may participate max. 1 a month in your class and only via pre-booking if you have available spots. 

  • As a member without weekly class, there is a commitment to book the studio at least 8 times per year and the notice period to end the contract is two months as of the end of the month. The idea is that you teach regularly at the studio and not just for one event, even if it's a series of bookings for a teacher training, 1:1 sessions or workshops. I'm also happy to find an individual solution with you.

  • The deposit won't be returned if you book the studio less than 8 times within a year from the time your contract started. 

  • The studio has to be left tidy and clean as the studio guidelines state and if you break something, it's up to you to either purchase it or pay for the costs and time of it. I strongly recommend a Berufshaftpflichtversicherung and Privathaftspflichtversicherung.


Cancellation fees for the specials:

Cancellation fees for events lasting 4h and LESS:

  • Cancellation 4 weeks before the reservation date: 50% of the total rent.

  • Cancellation 3 weeks before the reservation date: 75% of the total rent.

  • Cancellation 2 weeks before the reservation date: 100% of the total rent.


Cancellation fees for events lasting MORE than 4h:

  • Cancellation 8 weeks before the reservation date: 50% of the total rent.

  • Cancellation 6 weeks before the reservation date: 75% of the total rent.

  • Cancellation 4 weeks before the reservation date: 100% of the total rent.


If You Need to Make Changes to Your Booking:

Class Cancellation: 

  • If you need to cancel a class, please inform me and the students promptly. Additionally, please make an effort to find a substitute teacher to minimize disruptions. If you're on holiday, make sure you communicate it early enough, so it can be removed from the schedule. To build a class I strongly recommend showing up even for one person in class.

Please Note:

The studio must be returned in a tidy and clean condition. A task list will be provided, which is also displayed at the studio. If you require assistance for your event, please utilize the Karma Yogis Support Whatsapp Group in advance so that you can arrange for a participant or karma yogini to help you in exchange for their involvement. If you are unable to clean the studio yourself, please inform me, and the deposit will be retained. In the event of any damages, you will be responsible for replacement costs based on the value and nature of the item.

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