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Are you ready to end this crazy year intentionally?

What are you leaving behind and what are you opening up to in 2022?


This Ceremony is an invitation to connect to your heart and drop in your body through the help of yin yoga and ceremonial cacao. From there we'll be moving into asking ourselves a few questions and sitting with those potent answers - planting the seeds for 2022. 

What is it that we do want to plant and are ready to water and harvest? What is our heart longing for? And what fears are maybe standing in our way? 

Releasing the stories of 2021 and taking with you what's going to support you into the new year - a new chapter. 

The yin yoga sequence is focussing on the heart space, gentle and nourishing. You can choose your ceremonial cacao blend by Naked Chocolate or prepare a cup of tea, water or cacao of your choice for the Cacao Ceremony. After the Ceremony we're moving into the journaling session, where I'll be asking you a few questions about 2020 and then we'll open a new page for 2022. 


What the pre-recorded video 80 minutes Ceremony includes:

-Yin Yoga

-Cacao Ceremony

-Journaling Session

-A Spotify Playlist


Important Note: Please pre-order your ceremonial cacao blend for the Ceremony in advance and leave a note if you need it at a specific date.


For who is this not and/or how to adapt certain parts of this Ceremony in case you:
-Are pregnant

-Have epilepsy

-Have allergies

-Have Heart blood pressure / take anti depressants / any heart/blood medicine

-Have menthal or physical challenges


Please contact me, Aleks Nikolic, directly via e-mail prior to purchasing:


If you'd love to join this session but can't afford it, please email


No refunds available for digital products. This video will be available until January 31st 2022

Pre-Recorded: A Ceremony to Set Intentions for 2021 from the Heart

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