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29 thoughts for 29 years

On Tuesday I'm turning 29 years in this human experience. This is my birthday playlist (still adding songs as per usual). Maybe you'll have a transcendental, ecstatic, magical dance journey as I do in this adventure called life. The motto is f*ck shoulds, gimme magic.

1. Can we say more what we mean and mean more what we say?

2. If I’d be radically honest with myself, what would I allow myself to truly see? Am I really honest right now with myself?

3. Is this the fear or the joy speaking to me?

4. What am I actually afraid of right now?

5. Who am I? Who is thinking? Who is in this body? Where was I before I was here and who am I when I leave?

6. Is this in alignment with my intentions, values & heart truth?

7. What does my heart need right now?

8. Who am I afraid to disappoint if I make the choice I actually would love to make?

9. What if I do disappoint people? Can I still be lovable and trust myself?

10. Is this intuition or just a bullshit fear-based pattern mechanism?

11. Who knows what’s really really true?

12. Am I on the spiritual all-knowing, all-other-realities-denying pedestal? Maybe I want to step down?

13. If I could only take A or B but not A and B for the rest of my life, what would I choose?

14. Can I forgive myself and others? Can I accept what was and move on? Write a new story? Choose a new reality?

15. How clear is my communication really?

16. What’s the motivation behind my intention and is my intention still honest if the motivation is actually something else?

17. How can I come back to my own center and listen to my inner voice?

18. If I remove XYZ person from the story - what’s my part in this story? What is it really about?

19. There are no shortcuts, there is no magic pill, there is no miraculous savior - what are you trying to avoid? Where can YOU take self-responsibility?

20. What is freedom? Are you as free as you think?

21. Who are you pretending to be? Is this really you?

22. Are these really your wishes, heart desires, and vision of life? Is this my reality?

23. What is your heart yearning for?

24. From outer focus to inner focus - how can you bring the awareness back to yourself and deal with your own mess?

25. Why are you trying to convenience, fix or please others?

26. Where are you stealing from yourself and not respecting your own boundaries?

27. Can you stay open right now? When it is hard? When the fear kicks in? When your nervous system is flooded with joy?

28. How is this situation expanding you?

29. If you’d die tomorrow - would you be satisfied? What would you regret? Who did you not say I love you?

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