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3 simple ways to move your body more

Naturally we move less as we move into yin season with the autumn and winter coming.

Less sun, less daylight, less activities outside - this not only can influence us mentally and emotionally but actually does. I made more movement my new routine as moving your body influences your thoughts and your thoughts influence your emotions and vice versa.

Here is what helps me

1. Dance Party in the Mornings - create a Good Morning Playlist with some of your favorite, uplifting and bright songs and then have a little crazy dance party in in the mornings and also during the day. For one song - for the full playlist - 5 minutes. Whatever amount you choose - even if it’s a song a day, dance, shake, jump up and down, make some funny movements, some sexy movements, faster ones, slower ones… It’s not only a beautiful way to explore your own body and limiting beliefs but also will lift your mood, clear your mind and get you back into your body.

2. Good old Sun Salutations Baby! If you have no idea what I’m talking about - this is a very specific, simple and already set Hatha Yoga sequence where you flow trough different yoga asanas (poses) and move your whole body. Choose a specific amount that you want to make every morning - keep it realistic and find the sweet spot between challenging your habits but also not too much, so you actually do it. I like to do three simple Sun Salutation A’s.

3. Go for more walks. Get a bicycle. Oh those are my all time faves. Instead of sitting in public transport or your car all the time - walk, walk, walk or ride, ride, ride. It’s so much nicer - you feel free somehow. More adventerous. Open to life. Explore your neigboorhood by foot. Get out on a different tram station on your way to work. Walks can be a beautiful morning and evening ritual - if it’s possible with your schedule, make it happen.

Extra: Try something new! I’ve done Barre the other week at Yoga Tribe k3 with Ina and it was an amazing training. 55 minutes only but I felt challenged, had lots of fun and yeah, I was sore but like the good kinda sore. Maybe you want to swim, pick up an old sport you loved, maybe you were never into sports like me - so grab a friend and go have some fun - especially now.

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