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3 (simple) ways to slow down in your day to day life

1. Before you drink or eat something, take a moment to take 3 deep breaths and set an intention for that meal or your day.

It can be a positive affirmation like “I allow myself to fully enjoy this moment”. This will bring you back to this moment, help you enjoy and digest your food easier and also infuse the next steps of your day with the intention you’ve set.

2. The way we breath tells a lot about our inner state. Become aware of your breath through out the day.

Your breath is a nectar of nourishment if you allow it to flow. Notice in which moments your holding your breath and where you feel your belly is relaxed. Deep, slow and long belly breaths through your nose help to relax your whole nervous system.

3. Notice your feet touching the earth as you walk.

This may sound silly and yet, are you actually aware of it? This will automatically slow you down as you have to place your full sole of the foot on the floor.

It’s a habit I’ve developped years ago when I had a very stressful job and felt like rushinng everywhere. I would go for morning walks and then force (!) myself to walk in slow motion. It was super hard and yet, it helped me as it made me aware of the contrast between slowing down and pacing up.

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