always, ,never, a lot, very little - why your perception might not be 100% true

The concept of always, a lot, little and never are not nessecairly truth’s but perception and lenses you choose to see and experience life through. It’s like setting an intention and then opening up to the possibilities in your life.

You see what you seek.

Your energy flows where the attention goes.

What you think of, materilizes itself in some ways.

You’ll always find proofs for what you believe.

So what glasses are you choosing to wear today?

What filters would you love to remove?

What other directions could you have a look instead?

What are some other possible scenarios?

What if you’re not right?

What if that person that you deny so much is right too?

What if their perception of life is as much a reality as yours is for you?

What if in the duality of Planet Earth there is no such things as always or never?

What if “a lot” and “a little” are just judgements based on your life’s experience?

Where was that opinion created?

From what fear does that belief protect you?