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an excersise to declutter your schedule

Have you ever asked yourself why you're doing, what your doing? What is the motivation behind the motion? There is always something that drives us and influences aur choices, habits, thoughts and the way we live our day to day lives.

But how do we do less with a clearer intention?

It all starts with awareness. Have a practice that will help you to slow down, spend some time of your day in solitude and create space for you to reflect and check in with yourself, your intentions and life.

This can be taking walks in nature, start meditating every morning for 5 minutes, try out journaling or even yin yoga. I really enjoy the 5 am club morning ritual by Robin Sharma. Check it out and adapt to your daily life. It's all about 20 minutes of moving your body as you wake up, 20 minutes meditation & reflexion and 20 minutes reading or listening to something that will expand your knowledge and inspire you.

Back to the basics first! This is a very simple excersise that you can do on a regular basis.

1. Write down all your activities, responsibilities and day to day chores. Every single thing that comes to your mind - big, small, important, not so.

2. Draw a small heart behind everything that you love, that lifts you up and you’d love to have more time for.

3. Write an exclamation mark behind everything that you don’t like but is nessecairy like taxes, cleaning your home, driving to work or laundry.

4. Scratch all the stuff that you don’t enjoy, that is not nessecairy and feels like a should because of social and cultural concepts. As human beings we’re constantly evolving - what fitted once, may not fit today anymore.

With this tactic you free up space for the stuff that you do enjoy and maybe some of the stuff that you dislike but is needed, you can do differently by combining it with something you enjoy. For example, listenting to an audio book as you do your laundry or pay for a service that will do it for you, so you don’t have to pay with your time.

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