Appreciate, Accept, Abandon: re-organising & re-aligning your priorities in life

When talking to humans sometimes, it seems like there is an invisible string they feel to their life routines - as if we’ve forgotten the power of our own choice and rulemaking. Not everything has to go the same way every day forever - or at least till the day we die and this might be actually sooner than we think.

So..many envision something about the future to be the way they imagine life to be more fulfilling. Their eyes get a dreamy look and then something snaps and they’re back here and say: “’s difficult…it’s challenging…it’s just not possible…I don’t have enough money…”

And the list goes on. I get it. It ain’t easy to bend our minds. The thing is - what if this isn’t another forever choice? What if it is for now? And how can you break down that crazy vision that seems unimaginable to grasp for your rational mind - break it down into small pieces that you can experience right now at this moment.

I will now tell you a little story and maybe this is part of my heart journey story I’ve started you telling over here - but any way…listen…this is what I’ve posted yesterday on my personal Instagram (if you have read it, remember it and scroll down):

“I am not a big fan of posting on my personal account just for the sake of posting. This has to come naturally and be straight from my heart - might be against all rules of social media but in the end you make the rules for yourself.