Cacao Ceremony at Home: Letting go of 2020 with a BANG

2020 has been a crazy year and it's beneficial to create a Ceremony at home to release what has been and move into 2021 with what you want to invite into your life instead of focussing what hasn't been working this year.

I recommend for this Ceremony the Classic Ceremonial "Energizing Spicy" Cacao Blend. But of course you can use any of the other blends that speaks to you or also have some good tea if cacao isn't available to you currently (please order until December 26th so that it can arrive on time).

  1. First of all clean, declutter and organise your home. Sell and gift what's still usable and enjoyable, throw away (the correct way;) what not. Include your basement and attic. Seasonal stuff can be put away in boxes and stored there. Make sure you really know why you have around what you have around and take care of hidden corners and drawers that you like to ignore. Clean all properly, wash all rugs and blankets, curtains. If you have a garden or balcony, don't miss those either. Maybe now you also feel like exchanging some decoration, adding some plants (or gifting some to all those crazy plant ladies:D) or getting new pillow covers.

  2. Once your home is feeling free, cozy and like you can truly relax in it, create yourself a space for the Ceremony. You can have a (yoga) mat or blanket on the floor and make in front of it an altar with elements that support you in letting go, you want to recharge and/or remind you of what you'd love to invite in more into your life. Add candles, incense (you can burn also dried sage or rosemary before, during and after the Ceremony), your journal and two small bowls. One bowl will be for the wishes, one will be for what you're letting go off. Prepare also 13 small papers for each bowl (do not write on them yet) and have a pen ready.

  3. Choose if tonight you'd like to practice yin yoga, dance, meditation, Yoga Nidra (find inspiration here) and then get ready accordingly. Choose what you will do and what music you will play before starting your cacao. Preparing what you'll wear, have enough water and tea in your space. A beautiful playlist that I've been playing during Cacao making and during drinking cacao was this one. On my Spotify account you can find a lot of different playlists for meditation, yin yoga, cacao drinking, dancing. The Radiantly Dance Playlist has been very popular.

  4. Start making your Ceremonial Cacao once you're ready. For tips on how to create a really creamy and rich cacao, read this.

  5. Now sit down comfortably and bring your hands down to the earth. Take a few deep breaths with your eyes closed. Just allow yourself to arrive and notice how you're feeling. To come