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choose new experiences and become curious about life again

People sometimes feel stuck and they wonder why - well, how to not get stuck if you listless go about your daily activities, yourself and the people in your life. We all know that famous saying of not expecting something different from the very same actions.

Become curious about life again!

Explore things, activities, places and people for the sake of experience and living life.

Go try out pottery or a improvisation theatre crash course.

Maybe you always wanted to dance ballett.

Or learn Japanese. Maybe you would love to learn more about yourself and how you function daily and then you go do a Human Design reading. Maybe you keep saying that you want to stress less and yet you have not gone to that meditation retreat or yin yoga class. Learn how to play an instrument or cook Carribean food.

Do things that bring you out of comfort zone.

Try out NEW things daily.

Eat different food.

Talk to different people.

Read different books.

Watch different movies.

Take different ways to work.

Explore a different hidden pathway in the forest.

Life is an adventure.

If you’re bored, you’re too comfortable.

Get your juices going and grow by trying out something new, pushing yourself out of comfort zone and expanding the possibilities that life has to offer. It will also stretch your mind and the whole concept of what is possible or not.

So.. what is something that you always have been curious?




And..if you don’t like it. Great. Try out something new.

This is part of life baby!

So go get your deep dive experiences now.

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