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do what sparks your curiousity

You never know where taking the risk is leading you.

But how can a miserable being & life even be an option in comparison to following your heart?

Maybe it's not "how to find your purpose" but "stay open to what sparks your curiosity & try it out for the sake of not ignoring your intuition talking in form of curiosity" Instead of thinking about what you could do with your life, feel what you enjoy.

What flows. What feels good. What challenges you in learning something new and letting go of limiting ideas of who you are, what you should be doing, and how to get rid of the life you live now. What do you crave deeply? And what is something you always wanted to try out? Try it out! For me personally, at the moment it is pottery and instruments. I do it for the sake of enjoying quality time with myself, challenging my ideas, and expanding my skill set. I can be creative, expressive and at the same time, both are very meditative and ask for your full presence. When has feeling joy and having fun become not enough? Maybe you were always curious about diving, exploring a specific place, going to the train station, and taking the very next train, maybe you would love to take cooking classes, do an art museum tour, play theatre, paint ceramics, try a silent meditation retreat or learn how to craft your own knife. There is tons of stuff to explore. Where is your energy going the most at the moment? I don't want to spend my whole life complaining about what goes wrong in the world and how woke I am or not. I want to create. I want to spend quality time on this planet & bring beauty. I want humans to feel safer. What is something you always wanted to try but say you don't have time? Take the time. It's your life. Prioritize what feels the most important to you. Learn a new skill for the sake of exploring. Create for the sake of creation. When you walk curious through life, everything can be an adventure. I walk through the same forest close to my home every day and know it since my childhood and I don't get bored because I keep walking and taking new directions. Open to new possibilities. You can be in the most exciting place and still feel bored. Curiosity is your intuition speaking to you. Don't ignore it while hoping your purpose will show up in front of your door with exact instructions. Play ✨ Dance ✨ Create ✨

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