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Exploring the Heart's Mysteries

This letter feels hard to write.

I am not sure where to start.

It’s like when you go on a big journey and then you come back “home” and everyone asks you “…AND how was it????”

And you don’t even know how to fill the IT when it’s an ocean of experiences and you feel like you have to compress it in a single drop.

Maybe this newsletter will be a bit different.

A week before I left my creative space in Zurich Niederdorf (30.4.) I’ve started an internal and external transformational process. I think mostly internal, a lot has shifted, things being revealed, from bliss to grief, from joy to the terror of meeting one's heart.

I’ve created at my creative space for 14 months. Throughout the pandemic, throughout lockdown, throughout all the seasons, sometimes until late in the night and then I would ride back home in the rain. It has been a blessing and the reason I spontaneously followed my heart back to Zurich in January 2020. I do feel sometimes a bit sad that I’m not there anymore but with every adventure that seems to end, something new is morphing and there is a time between.


A very important step to honor what was, release stories you feel tired of and don’t want to keep journeying with, and… tuning into your intentions, dreams, heart desires.

Wow, I have no idea where I’m going with this letter.

I guess the heart has its own mysterious ways - they might seem unclear to the rational mind but if we stay grounded, keep listening to that internal voice and make sure our minds stay clear and calm in the storm and combine that with a big piece of COURAGE, then you’ll always land where you have to land and be living in integrity with that hearts path.

I know all I do is somehow centered around the heart - this comes because what I teach is a blend of things I’ve learned from my teachers but also through life itself and my big journey is centered around the heart, emotions, and making what seems mystical spiritual something very down-to-earth, day to day magic and the so-called mundane absolutely magical.

For this summer I’m trying something new out and the ceremonies will be longer, slightly complex with those blended tools and with the intention to penetrate you with a specific energy.

Our nervous systems sometimes don’t know how certain things feel because we haven’t experienced them or in a way that was harmful and so we keep repeating it and it seems like a fairytale that there could be a different scenario, a different story, a new beginning that is in alignment with your deepest hearts yearning. You can “JUST” feel it is right. Scarry. Terrifying. Exciting. Loving. Opening.

You take a breath

And then you take the risk to go after the heart

For the sake of opening

Not for the sake of fulfilling something

Of feeling full or more of

Simply feeling life pulsating through you and engaging with it

It’s like watching someone dance and wish you’d danced too and not realizing you could just stand up and dance too

A life lived

Through easy chapters

Through hard chapters

I’ve promised myself a few years ago to always follow my inner flow. I even have two tattoos that symbolize that. To walk my path - with the heart open. Magic is everywhere. And so are the brutal, dark, heavy human tendencies.

It’s a Human Experience in the end. But you…. who are you? :) Who is thinking? Who is yearning?

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