Exploring the Heart's Mysteries

This letter feels hard to write.

I am not sure where to start.

It’s like when you go on a big journey and then you come back “home” and everyone asks you “…AND how was it????”

And you don’t even know how to fill the IT when it’s an ocean of experiences and you feel like you have to compress it in a single drop.

Maybe this newsletter will be a bit different.

A week before I left my creative space in Zurich Niederdorf (30.4.) I’ve started an internal and external transformational process. I think mostly internal, a lot has shifted, things being revealed, from bliss to grief, from joy to the terror of meeting one's heart.

I’ve created at my creative space for 14 months. Throughout the pandemic, throughout lockdown, throughout all the seasons, sometimes until late in the night and then I would ride back home in the rain. It has been a blessing and the reason I spontaneously followed my heart back to Zurich in January 2020. I do feel sometimes a bit sad that I’m not there anymore but with every adventure that seems to end, something new is morphing and there is a time between.