finding a therpist to feel inspired and nourished vs. stressed & overwhelmed

How I realized that I want to go to a psychotherapist & how I feel after 5 weeks

Do you feel satisfied with your life? Happy? Enjoying it? Does it feel like you’re flowing?

Those are very simple questions that if answered honestly can gain lots of depth and insight.

Because only if you’re honest with yourself, you can also change and shift something inside you but also outside in your life.

I’ve been asking myself those questions quite a few times in my life and the last time was this summer.

Maybe you remember that I wrote a text a few months ago on the fact that when you’re surviving, you’re not asking yourself if you are happy. But when you pass that point, it’s time to ask again.

For me personally, this year has been quite intense and challenging as I had to deal with a lot of different constant challenges regarding my business and in-person events. Anyway, once this passed a bit and I felt like taking a deep breath and exhaling fully, I came to realize that the months of stress have taken a toll on me.

How I noticed that the stress took a toll on my system