How I make scary decisions, let go of plans and find beauty in each moment and experience

Today I want to share with you how I'm making scary decisions that seem unsafe, unsure but somehow still FEEL right. And also how I am practicing to offer every action to the Divine, how I want to live life as an on-going ceremony and celebration.

Every day and moment can be special, holy, sacred and magical - but only if you're willed to recognize it, to take off the lenses of prejudgment & expectation. This picture below shows me during the beautiful Gone Brave Woman Weekend Retreat creating a magical altar - prepping the vibe for our circle. But this isn't something that I only do on special occasions.

I do this 99% of the days. I have my altar and I enJOY creating a space for my meditation, prayer, yin or dance ceremony. I love burning incense, pulling oracle cards, prepare ceremonial cacao or a good coffee - I prepare everything with the intention of creating a sacred space for myself. But this space doesn't start the moment I sit in meditation. It starts the moment I wake up. Whatever you do can be filled with misery, doubt and un-fullfillingness OR magic, sacredness, beauty, and love.

A walk can be hurrying from A to B to do something you think you have to do (and even if you feel to do it, the joy shrinks because you are constantly stressed, in your mind and in the energy of scratching things off your to-do list) and not in your heart, present in the moment, walking so that you can stop, smell a flower, appreciate it's beauty, feel the wind on your face.. Magic isn't anything complicated. You experience magic in all the moments you consciously choose to ground your feet, slow down, & center in your heart. Every moment you are HERE instead of THERE. And yup, we are also here on planet earth having a human experience - so life is fluid and dynamic, not static and linear and so is our body, moods, environment...But our heart is a safe place. It's the home of the Universe...ever realized that when you shift towards trust, you also shift from your mind into your heart & from there no matter how the outside may look, inside of yourSelf EVERYTHING has changed.