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How the heck do I know if I'm in the flow?

So... I've been having some interesting conversations around trust this week and I'd love to share some of the insights as well as my personal experience with going for the heart's desire, no matter if it seems possible or impossible, makeable or not - because the first thing you learn when going with the flow is that you have to give up some of the control or what I call false safety.

It's a risk that you make. And it will need all of you, your heart, your passion, your love, your clarity, your intention, your mind and body to be IN!  Because life gets different when you're in the flow. You experience and live life in all the nuances, tastes, experiences, and textures. In one way you have to be clear as fuck and in the other, you have to surrender and accept to really not knowing. And then do it anyway because it feels right. 

Do you think I wasn't surprised when I suddenly felt the call to come back to Zurich and have a home base after 4,5 years of traveling non-stop just after Christmas in 2019 before all the madness surfaced in 2020? I mean was like: "...really heart? All you wanted is to travel, be free from any of those things you have to do over there, don't you remember how bored you were? And not so inspired..? And it's freaking COLD????"

And the message kept being crystal clear and I just applied for the creative space in the old town of Zurich and booked a ticket from India over Bali (Cacao Stop) into the Unknown - because I didn't know if I'll get that space but I had a good feeling because the desire was so real. Like my soul craved it. My heart knew. For everyone that likes rational statistics: There were a few spaces available in that house and over 60 people and collectives applied for them!

I canceled my retreats and came back into winter time and I mean you know what happened in March? Now over 7 months later, I feel content here. Which still surprises me. I've been riding my wave and it hasn't been always easy because nothing went like planned and last month I felt lots of pressure of not knowing which is now resolving as the miracles keep dropping in.

By the way, I didn't tell almost anyone and just rang at the door of my parent's home as my dad was celebrating his birthday with the whole family! :D haha

I mean it's freaking amazing how things come together. But you have to do things that declutter the not hearing yourSelf.

You have to sharpen your intuition. 

I'll share soon what I'm experiencing at the moment.. for now I'll leave you some of my big learnings when it comes to trusting my intuition. Take what resonates, forget what does not. Each journey is unque and yet we're not alone.

1. Be honest with yourself. You have to aknwoledge that something feels off in your life and that you want to make a change even though maybe not exactly knowing what or how. This will build trust. 2. Get to know your mind. Become aware of your environment, attidude towards life, what you believe through out the day about life, humans, connection, abundance, joy, happiness and fullfillment.

3. Curiousity is crucial There are so many amazing tools that you can use to build your trust muscle and get to know your mind, body, emotions and connect to your heart. I've been coming back to tapping (EFT) with Gala Darling. This one made me sob. Of course sitting with Cacao in Ceremony and going deep in Yin Journeys have been unbelievable for me. Find some of my resources below and try out even if never done - actually especially then. Without curiousity life is boring. 4. Do what you can do. As you sort out your mind and body, sort out your environment too. The things you consumme, watch, read, listen to. The people you spend time with - and what they believe about life is shaping you in each moment. Become curious about family beliefs and patterns. Start where you are with what you have and remember it takes a lot of patience and it's not something you arrive to - it's a constant choice. Again and again. So what do you choose today?

5. Don't deny what you feel. If you've been not trusted from adults as a kid, there is a chance that you don't trust yourself. You don't trust when something feels off even though you can't explain (people, job, toxic situations), you want to make others feel good and forget yourself. You are addicted to being liked and accepted for who you think you should be then feeling okay and full being who you are. So create space to tune in and feel what is true to YOU! What's your reality? Trust your heart. Trust your physical reactions. Trust the question mark! 6. What do you believe flow is? Life won't just be happy and high vibe because you're flowing. To flow means also to be stuck and unlcear from time to time BUT you know that that will shift and you are patient and actually present when its not comfortable. You live life and all its aspects. This planet is dual. That's what helps you discover hidden gems and also moldy shit. So if you think life is sorted once you flow... Well.. you live more in tune and there is no doubt that what is, is exactly how it is supposed to be. Trust the process. Trust the divine timing.

Here are some of my current resources

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