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How to make really creamy, rich and delicious ceremonial cacao

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

I've been asked a lot how I make the cacao that it becomes so creamy and rich.

It's very easy and here are some of the steps I take before enjoying that cup of ceremonial cacao intentionally.

  1. Remember intention is almost the most important part of preparing ceremonial cacao - or rather say the base that you can build on. So get clear on that - why do you make this cacao? How do you want to feel while drinking it and after?

  2. Start boiling some water. For one small cup of cacao the way I make it, you will need 2 dl of water in total per cup. Yup this is not hot chocolate style and also try with water before using any plant-based milk (cow milk hinders the absorption of all the good stuff). Extra tip: You can always make some more cacao (for example two cups) and then let the rest cool down in the fridge and you have an amazing chocolate cream dessert - ceremonial style of course. Add maple syrup, roasted nuts and frozen berries.....

  3. Once the water cooled down a bit (it should still be warm, at the boarder of hot, if you can't put your finger into the cup, it's too hot).

  4. Add 5 to 10 teaspoons (a spoon is about 3g, you can start with 15 or 18g) of your favourite Naked Chocolate Ceremonial Cacao Blend with the water into your blender or any vessel that you can mix/blend. If you don't have one, you can also add it in a closable jar or thermos and then shake. Blend/shake until bubbles build on top. Optional Step to make it even creamier and richer:

  5. Pour this blended/shaken cacao into a small pot and put it on a low heat. Keep stirring as it warms up. The cacao should never ever cook as this destroy all the good stuff in it. What this step does is, it makes the cacao become thicker and more like chocolate sauce.

Enjoy your cup of ceremonial cacao!

More inspiration can be found on my blog, YouTube channel, Facebook and Instagram.

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