How to Set Powerful Intentions that actually will happen, take action and trust that life - Part 1

I’d love to share a bit of my personal story that might inspire some of you to really do what they feel called to do.

2020 is over soon and of course it’s been a crazy year. For me personally many good things happen and I had many opportunities to stretch the possibility of what’s possible and what not. It’s three months since I’ve got my own permanent home and for the first time a homebase after 5 years of none. It feels good. It also feels weird at times and I miss the excitement of taking a flight to India and experience new adventures. The last time I’ve been at a airport was when I arrived in Switzerland on January 20th - I came spontaniously back from India to get this amazing creative space I’m writing you now from.

I find it quite amazing to see based on my own experience how powerful it is to set very clear intentions and follow your heart. Not everything has to make sense and wishes and desires are very much allowed to change.

Recently I got asked once again if things get easier as you follow your heart path and really do what you feel called to do and my answer was a NO.

Well it gets kinda easier to listen to your heart because rationally you remember it worked out the last time. But the thing is even though we follow our hearts, it doesn’t mean everything has to work out all the time the way we imagine. I think sometimes we’re not capable of imagining what could be as we look through some limiting lenses based on our experiences but also our upbringing and stories we hear. That’s why it’s good to be surrounded by people that do not only move in life from a space of fear.