Is "follow your heart"another bullsh** affirmation

It's interesting and also super boring to watch social media trends all influencer pick up and make it "instagramable". What does it actually mean to have the courage and follow your heart? So let's talk today a bit about this process and my personal tips as I've been thinking about it latelywhile wrapping up my last weeks and offerings in Zurichbefore I go on anotherHeart Adventure to Goa.As a pre-India-warm-up Amma is coming this weekend to Winterthur. It's at her Ashram where my super deep heart journey started.Here is all the info - I'll be there on Friday and Sunday, come say hi! :)

Side note:If you need a safe place to recharge and process, I'm teaching tonight adonation-based yin yoga classat 8 pm at Yoga Tribe K6 close to Bhf Wipkingen.  Just drop-in 5min earlier or send me an email to <3

For me, I did share that process on Instagram but it wasn't pretty.It was me sobbing at the airport, crying my way to India after leaving a relationship that didn't feel anymore like serving any of us. I wanted to come back to the FLOW of MY HEART. And the flow of the heart is irrational. It's radical. It's no maybe this or this. It's actually pretty straight and clear. Not maybe clear to the logical and rational mind...but it's clear on the level of feeling. It just feels right.