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leave before you have to crawl away

You don’t have to stay in situations till you completely break down.

You don’t have to completely burn out, emotinally and mentally destablize yourself to seek change, transformation and the desire for a different life that feels aligned.

You don’t have to wait until your body can’t handle it anymore.

You don’t have to wait until you’re not sure anymore who you actually are and only identify with what is causing you harm.

Leave the relationships that feel hard more than that they feel light and fun.

Leave the relationships that make you feel like walking on your toes and constantly being careful about not making the wrong move, say the wrong word.

Leave the relationships where the fingers are only pointed on you and no one else is taking equal responsibility.

Leave the jobs that suck out your soul.

Leave the jobs that want you to give without receiving too.

Leave places where being human is a weakness.

Leave places that feel like a war-zone.

Leave places that feel draining.

Break the patterns and cycles of abusive behavoiur towards yourself.

Break the ideas you have about yourself that drag you down.

Stop enganging with people, activities, thoughts and concepts that are only distructive.

If you cry more than you laugh, if you feel more paralized than freely moving, if you feel more questioning your sanity than trusting your intuition - it’s time to leave and not look back.

And remember…

After the darkest point of the night, the dawn is coming.

Give yourSelf the permission to rise again. And again. And again.

Start taking care of yourself mentally, emotionally, energetically and physically.

Get extra support as you install those new rituals of nourishment.

Decluttering your old inner circle means opening up to new friendships.

To people that uplift you.

To people that are honest when something is shitty so that you can both grow and evolve.

People that listen. People that can be vulnerable.

Be with people that you feel safe to be you, that challenge you in a healthy way to grow and are fun.

Because laughing is medicine.

And broken hearts break open, they don't have to close down.

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