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moving through the day feeling connected to yourself

Take each morning as you wake up a moment to connect to yourself.

Create a toolbox of rituals that you can choose from - tapping, meditation, journaling, drinking cacao or tea intentionally, breathing excersies - something that creates space and stillness and where you can tune into your own being for a few breaths.

End each day reflecting or journaling about three things that you learned and/or three things that you feel grateful for. This is a ritual from Robin Sharma’s 5 am Club and it’s very powerful.

Don’t let the excuses win of why you don’t have time.

If you are on social media and check it daily, you have time for a proper morning and evening ritual that will nourish, uplift and encourage you to be honest, intentional and kind.

Notice the resistance and do it anyway - every day!

Make a commitment and keep your promise.

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