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Saying Goodbye to 2020 with a Grateful Open Heart

I’ve shared with you already the first part of my Heart Journey (2nd coming soon) and as this year ends, I’m contemplating on it. Reflecting on what was beautiful, what was hard, what lessons I’ve learned, what I’m leaving behind and what I’m taking with me into 2021.

So.. I decided to record a Ceremony for you - Setting Intentions from the Heart for 2021. If you’ve joined a Ceremony this year (online/offline), booked a Private Class or got Ceremonial Cacao for at home this is a gift from me to you. You should have received a code from me to get it for free - if you haven’t let me know by sending an email to <3 For everyone else it's CHF 22.- and again..if you struggle financially, don't let this keep you back from messaging me and joining.

I took a few days off because I haven’t really chilled beside in summer time by the river - especially since September - moving into my first homebase ever - I was pretty much nomading for 5 years and before that I’ve lived with my family. Then launching my new online home, a new online shop, co-created 4 delicious Naked Chocolate Blends, hosted almost 20 ceremonies (not counting my personal ones) and just feel grateful that I’ve had so many amazing humans join.

For at least 3 years now, I’m setting very clear intentions (maybe before too but I don’t remember those) for the year. And 2020 was for me all about creating.

My word for 2021 is NOURISH. I want to nourish the projects I’ve already have thriving AND also my body. I feel I’ve sacrificed my body and this year I’ve been having some struggles with allergies and started working in June with an amazing ostepath because of my scoliosis which helps me a lot to release stress from my body. Because fun fact is that my business is called Art of Yin but who knew, it takes a lot of yang to build another floor. :))

Well… I just feel it’s been a lot about giving and creating and to keep thriving, I feel I need to take just a bit more space and time to also nourish myself. It’s a weird intention.

So how do we actually set intentions? How do we know it’s “the right” one?

So there are different ways to approach this. In this case rationally I could set the intention to nourish my body because my body literally calls for it. BUT in a way it’s also a boring intention for me, so my mind is like….are you sure? Shouldn’t it be bigger? The fact is that, if your health sucks, everything else is going to suck too and not flow. So… here we go.

Sometimes we also make intentions that we think we SHOULD be doing.

Should is a really heavy thing to do on yourself. It’s basically denying what you trully feel and instead imposing something else on yourself. We often feel like it’s because of others or the so called society but honestly it’s also up to us - we’re grown up now, we can make our choices and we can also choose to go through a process of looking at those limiting ideas in our life and choose what feels right and what not.

So those intentions come not from the heart and no matter if they fullfill or not, it won’t feel meaningful. Those non-heart intentions mostly are just placeholders for something that is lacking. So..what’s missing? What is the missing piece? And maybe that missing piece can be a lot of teeny tiny piesces.

What we truly wish and what we truly feel we “need” does not have to always be logical. But it’s good to check in where our desires are coming from and what concept or idea they’re based on.

And sometimes the soul just craves certain experiences for human growth and expansion - that is okay too. It doesn’t always have to make sense.

I never wanted a base or to ground - now I have not only an appartement but also a creative space and 80 kg of cacao. Sometimes I joke around that cacao. It’s so funny. But I don’t feel the way I thought I’d feel when I am moving less from place to place. I feel free in most cases and often when I wish for an escape it’s because something feels not comfortable and I don’t want to be with it. So that’s very interesting. Haha.

We can have ideas that things will get better - and I’m not sure better is the right idea to have. It’s more ALIGNED what I feel. it feels more like living the life you’re supposed to live - from the Heart, not some SHOULD/HAVE TO/ MUST BE IDEA!

But if that is always better? I mean I always craved to know my purpose, so here I am doing it and it’s not always better. it’s quite hard sometimes to stay clear, grounded, still have fun and enjoy but also grow totally out of comfort zone and learn many new things - expanding the capacity to be a human!

The thing is everything has some consequences we like and some that feel more like a sacrifice - but it feels more like a temporary sacrifice and then we choose again and see what’s a priority NOW.

Life is not about having more time…But just clearer intentions, so that we can prioritze based on that. And some stuff will just not be as important. The experiences on Planet Earth will stay dual - means every coin has two sides and mostly even more!

The question is… what do you want now? And are you brave enough to actually move into that direction?

Sometimes the step seem too small to be noticed - but every step forward is a step forward and the idea of time and pace is just an idea. Things move as fast as we’re ready. I also artificially sometimes slow myself down because I’m worried I won’t have the capacity to deal with everything.

1. Step is to become aware of those stories.

2. Step is to start changing things - from inside out and outside in!

What are your intentions for 2021? How do you want to feel? What are you leaving behind in 2020? What are you opening your heart and arms to in 2021?


Join me on January 1st on INSTAGRAM LIVE (@naked_chocolate_) for 108 rounds of chanting LOKAH SAMASTAH SUHKINO BHAVANTU - this Mantra is traditionally chanted at Amma’s Ashram from 6 am to 6 pm on January 1st to send out the vibrations of peace, health, light, love and joy to ALL BEINGS. No need to bring anything. I’ll go live at 4 pm (CET), it will take around 15-20 minutes and you can also extend this by afterwards doing the Ceremony to set intentions from the Heart for 2021 (if you've gotten Naked Chocolate Cacao and/or have joined ceremonies, email me and you'll receive a code that is valid until January 3rd to do this Ceremony for free ).


Sending all the virtual hugs,


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