staying true to yourself and walking your path no matter what

Walking your path and staying true to yourself - even if people say it's ugly, stupid, not safe enough, not good enough, not whatever the fuck enough, or even wayyyyyy too much. LOL! Everyone will have their freaking opinion... That might be great or not (unless you're a racist, homophobic, misogynic, antisemitic, sexist, abusive, or in any other way a disrespectful hate-spreading and harming human, well, then I hope you'll have a big moment of realizing how harmful that is - not only to others but also yourself and stop that shit!).

Okay, let's start at the beginning.

I went to see my godchildren and my goddaughter seemed grumpy and she didn't want to tell as at first what happened. Then she shared with us, that some other girls at school, told her, that her painting is ugly and she doesn't know how to paint. Her mum and I shared stories with her on how we've experienced that in the past and how we kept creating because there will be always miserable people that did not learn how to deal with their inner world and then have to drag others down too as they dispose of their heavy emotions.

Then I remember a story. I was 16teen and in the art class, we had first to *perfectly* draw an apple tree and then draw a hand. The teacher did not only tell me that my drawing was not good enough but (and that's the thing that pissed me off the most) is that she started drawing onto my painting and removing what I've painted with a rubber bell! WHAT?! Well, that's super disrespectful and boundaries crossing.

How I've handled it at 16? I threw the drawing and the pens on the floor and told her that I'm not going to paint anymore because of this and set with crossed arms on my chair starring at her.

I told this story to my friend and that I wasn't sure if this is a great inspiring story as LOL might not be ideal to keep throwing your drawings at school but she said that it is inspiring because I KEPT CREATING. In all those years, I never stopped creating and I did not care. I had a vision and I went for that. Sometimes slower, sometimes faster. And the thing is my creations did mostly not harm people (LOL my phase of being a mean fashion faux-pas-blogger was def. harmful, stupid, and not so open-minded but I'd say I've outgrown that shit) and it