stop breakingthe promises to yourself

I remember the times where I was floating in Goa and absolutely loved to have zero responsibilities, enjoy day by day without thinking much about tomorrow and live out of a backpack.

It was amazing for that time. At some point started becoming the message to ground myself and to make a commitment. My commitments have been mostly about me stepping into my creative power and actually have my feet on the ground so that I can create what I envision. It was hard at first. So much resistance came up and I could find all the reasons why this is not my lifestyle.

But first of all, growth and transformation always go through the phase of resistance and confusion before it becomes the daily ritual and something that simply feels right and fuels you.

But if you feel you really want a change, you have to give yourself that promise and have a crystal clear intention, so that you keep going when it is hard.

By this I don't mean stay in harmful situations or with people that drag you down and don't want you to live out your potential. No, please leave, this is actually part of making a promise to yourself to go go for your heart desires and trust your intuition and path unfolding in front of you.

A not satisfiying known is not an option.

Stop relying on options that suck as they are not real options.

So if you feel a call to do something, make a promise to yourself and then choose daily to move towards that direction. Even the smallest habits, thoughts and choices matter.

Keep asking yourself: Is this in alignment with my intention? Does this trully feel 100% right? A maybe is a no. A yes is a yes. Stop convincing yourself - here the mind bows towards the pure heart.