The Power of Disconnecting and Nourishing yourSelf

My intention for March has been to nourish, which also inspired the theme and name of my yin online course "March is for Nourishment". It's been a gift to gather every Saturday morning with those amazing humans and start the day in connection to my body, spirit, heart.

It's a gift to recognise when we need more of something - or less.

I've had to take a break after months of figuring things out, being flexible and creative. It worked out so far and yet, I could feel its consequences on my physical and mental state. I couldn't take anything in anymore and I needed a break from problem solving and evolving things. Optimizing. Growing.

So I went offline for a few days. Did not even communicate with family and friends. Spent the time at home, the forest, by the river in my very own little bubble and enjoyed floating around without any responsibilities. I've missed that and I feel this is an important part of life as well so that we can feel inspired, motivated, energized and clear.