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The scariest things in life that weirdly feel right

write a love letter

send a love letter

say I love you

give a first kiss

give a last kiss

book a one way ticket into the unknown

book a one way ticket into the known

order something from the menu you have no idea what it is

travel somewhere you feel called to go

say hi

say good bye

say something

say nothing

go to a group activity

spend time alone

speak a foreign language

be in silence for 10 days

have lots of freedom

have lots of structure


say how you really feel

express love

express sadness

express anger

express hurt

be proud of yourself

do the right thing

stand alone for the right cause

to speak up when everyone looks away ingoring the elephant in the room

allow space and patience

move with the flow and take action

say yes

say no

sing aka let your voice be heard even though it shakes

hold hands

have clear boundaries

be okay with no being okay

make the first step

continue to make the steps

knowing and listening to your intuition about the last step

knowing when to jump and when to stand still

allowing your heart to be broken (open)

stay open when it’s hard - especially when it’s hard

go for your intuition - no matter if it makes sense or not

knowing the difference between intuition and confusion out of fear

acknowleding fear based choices and be okay with not doing always the greatest thing on Planet Earth

be human

human experience

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