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throw out the idea of what age and a timeline has to mean

Life - this magical, terryfing, beautiful, breath-taking, heart-breaking experience.

An adventure into the unkown.

And full of possibilities if you’re open to living life in the most aligned way and trust your intuition when it’s time to leave and start something new.

Reflect for a moment about all those ideas, rules and concepts we have in society about age and what we have to do at which phase of our lives. Especially for women it’s so dictated in a way that feels like missing out.

But life is not about the fear of missing out.

Because if you keep saying yes to what makes you feel alive and like you’re not wasting your life but actually creating exactly what you feel called to create and choose next, then there is nothing that you could miss.

Of course, if you deny your dreams, desires and visions, then you’ll start to feel everything from envy, to pitty, to anger, to boredom to grief to not lived potential.

What did you think you’ll be doing by the age you’re now?

You know what, life is not to be planned. Of course, you can have intentions and also do the stuff that will fuel your visions and desires and not actually depleat them and move you away from it. Don’t stand in your own way but also stay open to things happening when it’s time for them and not when you think it should be.

And some stuff isn’t meant to happen because maybe we only desire it to reduce our fear, to keep our crazy thoughts in check and to have an excuse to actually not go after what you trully feel called to do. And you mostly know what it is, it’s not something you have to look and dig too deep. If you don’t - well, the very urge to change is sufficient to start the process of trying out!

Get your creative juices going.

Do new stuff with different people in environments you’ve never been before or maybe not for a very long time. Come back to the passions you had years back.

Stay open to all the possibilites.

Maybe it’s studying again at 35 or learning a new language.

Maybe you really want to move to a different country.

Maybe your relationship is not feeling right and you want to get either profesional help or maybe it’s time to let go.

Maybe you need to quit your job, maybe you need to start your side business and reduce your weekly working hours.

Maybe you’re 50 and want to finally do that one thing that you’ve dreamed of at 15.

Life is here to be lived.

Give thanks to your health, take care of your physical, mental, energetic and emotional bodies.

And…do not ignore your curiousit and the calls of your heart.

As long as your heart beats and you have physical and mental capacity, you can do whatever you want to do.

There is no too old or too young or too busy or too too too

If you want it, you’ll really find some ways to live it out.

If not..well then the excuses will dim your inner fire daily and you may become bitter, disatisfied and mean towards yourself, others and any upcoming new miracoulos possibilities.

Do you want that? Is this the life that you want to live?

If there is even one little area that you crave change, start creating it and ignore the concepts of what is possible or not because so much is possible if we put all our energy into it.

And yes, the consequences may be painful, the growth may be uncomfortable but at least you know why you’re doing it.

Everything else is just not a true option and waste of a lifetime.

You can do it.

When things work out differently than expected - that’s part of it. Asking for change will bring change and you may end up at a destination that you didn’t even know would be an option.

It’s a journey.

So…ready to go on an amazing inner and outer trip called human experience lived from the heart?

Go, start now! :)

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