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Ways To Implement More Rituals In Your Daily Life

Rituals are I feel also something known as traditions. You repeat something for or because of a certain intention. Often behind traditions stays gathering and connceting - at least that’s my intepretation.

When we think of all the thing we do and think during one day, it’s not difficult actually to check what of the habits can be turned into little rituals or celebrations. For that it’s best to watch yourself during a week and then write down what you do on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

Let’s see you often do some things more than other things at least once a week or even daily. For example maybe there are rhytems and routines you’re not even aware of but they keep happening regularly and intuitivly.

For example I love to go to my creative space on Sundays to write and on the way take a different way that I take usually, so that I can pass my favorite bakery and get a pain au chocolat and eat it on a big square at the old town preferably in the sun. Sundays have a specific magic to them. Maybe on Sundays you love to go for long walks and sit in your favorite cafe sipping your coffee.

A new tradition is coming back to my family and me - I love inviting them on Sundays for a beautiful big dinner together. It’s really relaxed, fun and I love having them at my home as my guests. So think of things you love to do on weekends and that make you feel really excited becaue you know that in most cases you’ll feel good or even better doing them. And this doesn’t have to be a rigid ritual to follow, more to be aware of it and choose doing it more consciously - intuitivly we know what’s best for us. But there are certain mind patterns that often stay in our way.

This is an oldy but also a goldy - the way you start and end your days will influence the quality of your day and night. What is it that makes you feel relaxed and calm in the evenings?

I love having tea (at the moment camomille and hemp flower) in bed before going to bed and reading my Harry Potter books. When I had more challenging days, I like to imgaine how I “empty” myself from everything and it flows through my bed and mattrace into the floor and earth.

In the mornings I feel fiery and fun stuff helps - next to reading Harry Potter with coffee in bed! Going for forest walk, having a morning dance, do a few Sun Salutations, Kapalabhati Breath and meditate.

It help to do at least 1 to 2 things every day - you know like I’lll anyway have coffee, so I can combine it with chill reading in bed or have a little traditional dance while making coffee. You can get really creative and yet it will stay simple and easy. It’s like making the things you already do with more presence - physically, mentally, energetically and emotionally.

We’re living anyway, time passes, some stuff works out, other not, a lot of stuff we don’t care about and the few things we do, we often don’t do often or understimate in power because doing good things, makes you feel good, makes you think other things, thoughts invoke a different spectrum of feelings and that all influences your actions to hopefully be better and better means more aligned for me - with the heart truth.

So get big sheets of papers out and enjoy sprinkling more magic on to your day to day life..

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