Your Heart Knows

I woke up this morning  feeling like I don’t know where I am and as if I just came backt to my senses with this crazy  realization:

There is an area in my life where I value other peoples opinion, views and experience - even if trusted and close to my heart  - more than my own.

No matter through what you're going through right now: 

Get help if you need and do what nourishes your body, mind, heart and soul.

Even if it means to release people, make stronger boundaries and take more time off in nature and OFF social-media for a day, week, month...

Trusting others more than myself - this leads to me completely giving away my power by asking other people to tune into a situation before I have done it myself and figured out what is the truth in here for me and just me.

We all can be very independent in one are of our life and completely insecure in another and as soon as someone projects their past story and doubts on to it, we completely loose ourselves into that.

I’ve listened to this podcast episode by mega babe Sefora and one sentence hit me:

“Forgiving is emptying the heart from grief”


This is a powerful one.