It can be a challenge to really feel like you can completely let go and wind down during a stressful week. 


This Private Ceremony is designed so that you can take a moment for yourself to slow down your life, connect to your heart and yourself as well as enjoy a space for you to relax, release stuck emotions, physical tension, and clear your mind from thoughts that have been lingering around. 


Ceremonial Cacao is known as the Medicine of the Heart and is pure, organic, fair-trade, original chocolate. It contains a lot of magnesium and theobromine which makes the body feel relaxed as well as senses awakened. It supports us to really arrive in our physical bodies and truly connect to the heart. 

Yin yoga is a simple practice for every-body that can have a profound impact on your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.  We create simple shapes with our bodies (in an intelligently designed sequence) and then hold them over time. 

What this Private Session includes:


-a preliminary talk via email or call where we'll discuss your needs and

questions so that I can create a specific session designed for you as well as the most beneficial ceremonial cacao blend would be for you


-a 90 minutes cacao and yin session at a modern and bright space (in Zurich Niederdorf or online), quality yoga equipment, light snack , herbal tea, a cup of ceremonial cacao individually brewed for you


-a package (50g) of the customized ceremonial cacao blend by Naked Chocolate that you can take home 

Your investment & Booking:


The ceremony is calculated in 5-minute intervals and costs CHF 245.- per 90 minutes private session. 14% off for online ceremonies and the cacao will be shipped to you (shipping included). 


The Ceremony can be booked on weekdays and weekends throughout the day or in the evenings. Please send 3  date suggestions with your time frame via email to  to book a session. 


The session can be held in English and (Swiss-) German. If you prefer a different venue, we can discuss this further.


Private 1:1 Cacao Ceremony | in person & online

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  • Booking and Cancellation Policy:

    Please note that with booking this ticket(s) you're confirming that you have read the booking and cancellation policy and agree. 

    If you cancel the Private Session less then 48 hours in advance there are no refunds (also not if you're sick or late). 

    If the 1:1 session can't happen at the studio because of the pandemic/ordinary state, it will be shifted a later date as soon as we can operate again.