yin yoga 
teacher training

A Journey Back to Your Heart

140 hours Ceremonial Yin Yoga Teacher Training
from July 29th to August 9th, 2022 in the serene mountains of Montenegro.

slowing down

A bittersweet medicine as we’ll encounter the ugly and the beauty. Letting go a nessecity to move forward. Opening the heart to the known and unknown will require courage.


To meet oneselves - terror and joy as it’s stated in the Radiance Sutras.

Our venue is Ashuma, a beautiful Luxury Yoga Mountain Retreat Center in Montenegro for the first part and in person-training.


how this 
training ​is built

  • 1st part: In person 100 hours Training in Montenegro

    • July 29th until
      August 9th 2022

    • 11 nights and 12 days 


  • 2nd part: 20 hours Business Modules Online Live-Streamed

    • September 3/4/9/10 2022


  • 3rd part: 20 hours Practicing Teaching and Final Yin Event 

    • Practice including a local yin yoga events on June 3rd and 4th 2023 as part of the Certification and Graduation Weekend (20hs)

    • December 2022 and March 2023 - 75 minutes live online group call and sharing circle including Q&A (exact days and hours will be announced once we know in which time zones all participants are)


how this

is built

Wooden Hut


This extensive, detail-oriented and intensive Ceremonial Yin Yoga Teacher Training is an invitation to transform and step into our own potentional as we connect to our hearts so that we can be of service to humanity.


Sounds all very dramatic but if you take a moment of reflecting upon the way you make choices when feeling relaxed and trusting vs. fearful and stressed, you’ll see that something as simple as yin yoga can change your life. You might wonder why ceremonial? I’m curious about how we can bring more rituals to our lives. How we can do less but a clearer intention and with that it feeling more meaningful to ourselves and others.

Next to daily lectures, classes, workshops, delicious meals and yin yoga journeys, you’ll also experience cacao ceremonies, bonfire gatherings and a guided hike excursion where we’ll practice the art of yin and living yoga as we walk, breath, and talk.


schedule example


  • Check-in from noon possible

  • 5-8 pm - Welcome Circle & Yin Journey

  • 8:15 pm - Dinner & Bonfire

  • From 10 pm Night Silence

DAYS 2 to 9

  • 6:30-8:30 am - 1st Morning Session

  • 8:30-9 am - Light Breakfast

  • 9-11:30 am - 2nd Session

  • 11:30-2 pm - Brunch & Lunch Break

  • 2-4 pm - 1st Afternoon Session

  • 4-4:15 pm - Short Break

  • 4:15-7 pm - 2nd Session

  • From 7:15 pm - Dinner

  • From 10 pm - Night Silence


  • 6:30-10 am - Morning Session

  • 10-11:25 am - Brunch & Check out

  • 11:30-1 pm - Closing Ceremony

What food we serve

Our amazing Australian chef will be creating the most delicious and nourishing plant-based dishes.

We'll be having a fruity breakfast and abundant brunch and dinner buffet. 


Please note that it is possible to communicate any food intolerances (like celiac disease, histamine, etc) and food allergies PRIOR the training starts, so that we can prepare the right menu for the whole group. Tea, coffee, water and juice included.


what this training includes

  • 140 hs + of extensive yin yoga training

  • 11 nights & 12 days accomodation at a luxury mountain retreat center

  • 11 plant-based nourishing dinners & brunches, 10 light breakfasts, early-morning cup in your room

  • extensive yin yoga manual (a printed high-quality book)

  • 10% off selected online and offline events by Aleks Nikolic from the paid deposit until December 31st 2022

  • ceremonial goodie bag

  • high quality yoga mats & props in our yoga shala

  • educational hiking excursion with a local guide

  • Not inlcuded: airfare, taxi transfer to and from the airport, 1:1 private sessions with Aleks, travel/health insurance, extra consumption at the bar/cafe, recommended/required additional books, 12 euros tourist fee issued by the Montenegrian gouverment (has to be paid as you check out, our retreat center will register you properly), any travel costs as visas, vaccinations, passports, etc.

what we're studying

  • 30+ Yin Yoga Asanas

  • Taoist & Yogic Philosphy

  • History of Yin Yoga

  • Art of Teaching & Yin Language

  • Ayurvedic Basic Princinples

  • Art of Holding Space

  • Art of Creating Space

  • Art of Opening & Closing Spaces

  • Anatomy / Basics of the Fascia System

  • Yin Yoga Sequencing based on the Prana Vayus (Yogic Tradition) and Myofacial Meridian Lines (no TCM)

  • Meditation Techniques

  • Pranayma

  • Mantra & Rituals

  • Art of Adjustments

  • Ethical Business & how to not only craft an offering but also find your niche, intention, clear vision, build a website and do marketing, sales, prices and communication in alignment and integrity with the yogic principles.


our venue

The 100 hours in person of our training happen at the beautiful, magical, and luxurious ASHUMA Retreat Center nestled in the Montenegrian mountains.

The eco-luxury glamping invites us to relax, recharge and nourish on a deep level.

Immerse yourself fully in the stunning, raw, wild & beautiful lands of Montenegro. In the National Park Lovcen, we're going not only to meet our untamed Self and journey deep within, but we'll also have a special opportunity to bath in the yin & untouched energy of this magical, serene space surrounded by nature & in total harmony with it.

Accomodation Options

  • Twin Room (shared)

  • Qadrupe Room (shared)

  • Single Room (limited)

Please note that all the rooms are furnished with high-quality furniture, products, bedding, shampoo and towels.


Each shared room has its own bed and all the luxurious glaming tents have an indoor and outdoor sitting option as well as a kettle, cups, bathroom and space for your things to organize them.



Training Investment

  1. Fourth phase pricing from May 1st, 2022: CHF 2800.-

  2. Final and fifth phase pricing from June 1st: CHF 3000.-

Payment plans are available upon request and agreement. If you have questions on how this may look, send an email. 

Accommodation & Food Packages

(incl. excursion, goodie bag, etc.)

  •  Twin Room (2 spots left / 1 room):
    CHF 2095.-


  • Quadruple Room (1 spot left):
    CHF 1855.-


  • Single Room upon request 1 room from CHF 2785.-


The full investment has to be paid at least 2 months before the training starts unless you have a monthly payment plan. To confirm your spot, CHF 750.-non-refundable deposit has to be paid after you got accepted into the training. If you need one, email hello@aleksnikolic.com - it ranges from CHF 750.- a month, and individual solutions can be found, just come talk to me. 


  1. If you're interested in joining the teacher training you can directly apply through the application form. ​Please make sure to read the full booking and cancellation policy (find it below). 

  2. Once you've applied, you'll hear from Aleks via email within 3 days. If not, check your spam & send en email to hello@aleksnikolic.com

  3. If you're application gets confirmed, you'll receive a bill for the deposit (CHF 750.-). There will be a cool down phase where you have 7 days to pay the deposit and then your spot would be 100% booked. 

  4. If you have questions, feel free to email me. If we have not met yet, it's also possible to inquiry an online yin yoga class and/or to book a 15 minutes call. 



-Is this training Yoga Alliance Certified?

No, but it extends its requirments.


-Can I stay in my van or at an external location?

As our retreat venue is very secluded in the mountains of Montenegro and the whole retreat venue is car free, this is not possible.


-Can I book a shared room even if I come alone?

The single rooms for this trainings are limited and yes, if you come alone and want to share a room, we’ll put you in the room with the same sex human or will check in with you before-hand. 


-Can my friend/partner/child that is not joining stay with me in the glamping tent?

As this training will be a deep intensive immersion and space limited, this won’t be possible and we recommend your family and friends join before or after it.


-Is there a transfer from the airport to the retreat venue and back?

Yes, we’ll organize this for you and also any other transfer destination within Montenegro to arrive to the training or after it. It starts at EUR 20.- per person and if you arrive as a group at the airport, we’ll organise for you to arrive earlier. 


-Where shall I fly to?

There are regular flights to Podgorica or Trivat Airport from anywhere in the world. Make sure you study the time table well so that you arrive before the training starts and depart after it ends. 


-Do you have any Montenegro Travel Tips? 

There will be a document sent out to you with all details including travel tips around Montenegro so that you can organize your journey. Our retreat venue ashuma and its team are also very helpful and can support you in this process.


-For who is this training?

For anyone who would love to deepend their connection to themselves through yin yoga and other tools that support them in not only getting to know themselves but also see clearer through their own ignorance and aiming for higher visions and meanigful actions in life. Maybe you want to later on share yin yoga as a  instructor or create beautiful experiences for people to slow down and tune it. The most important thing is that you have here 140 hours for yourself to explore, let go and embrace a new direction and journey in your own life.

about the training

The focus in this training lies on not only learning the theory but also experience the tools and its effects on your own body, mind, emotions and energy. Realizing it’s all interconnected - from the way you walk through life to the way you greet someone to the quality of your breath and thoughts.


After we finish the first 100 hours in person, there will be a two-weekend business modul and after that a few months where you’ll be practicing teaching to receive the certification. I’ve added those last two parts because I see the business aspect and teaching practice often lacking.

It’s not enough to think that adding to your instagram bio how many hours you’ve trained is sufficient to hold space for people when they’re at a very vulnerable and open space. A big part in this training is also the community aspect. We’ll have at least two 75 minutes two group calls after our business module and before the big graduation yin event.


After you’ve completed the first 120 hours of the training, you can start teaching as at least 20 hours of teaching experience are required to receive a certification and be listed as one of the teachers of this particular training. Part of those 20 hours teaching practice are 5 hours for our final graduation “yin weekend” where you’ll be co-organising with your co-students yin journeys in your home town or online. All the taught hours have to be documented and sent to hello@aleksnikolic.com before June 30th 2023.

It’s important for me to not only give you great tools to become great teachers and be of service to your community but also help you clarify your intentions and visions that you’d love to plant and harvest. A big part of it that often lacks in yoga trainings, is the business aspect. How can we do business in alignment with our intention and the yogic teachings instead of slipping into the old, manipulative and sneaky ways of doing business.


From ethical business choices to pricing, website building, offering creation and more you’ll be able to not only brainstorm and have support from your buddy, Aleks Nikolic, her assistants and the whole group but also be able to receive practical tips from Aleks after teaching for over 6 years and building her yoga business and being confronted with many questions. I believe that you don’t have to figure everything out by yourself but that we can share our experiences and create a more ethical and aligned yoga industry.

If you have questions, email hello@aleksnikolic.com

conditions (agb)

As you book your spot, you’ll be asked to pay your non-refundable deposit of CHF 750.- within 7 days. This is also the period that you can cancel your registration and receive your deposit back. Please only pay the deposit if you’ve been admitted to the training. To be admitted for the early-bird pricing, the money has to arrive on the due date and before the early bird price expires. 


The first 50% of the food and accommodation package is due 6 months prior to the training. 

The 2nd 50% of the food and accommodation package is due 3 months prior to the training. 


100% of the payments (training and food and accommodation package) have to be made 3 months prior to the training starts. 

In genuine personal hardship, please contact hello@aleksnikolic.com for an individual solution.


 You can make your payments via Swiss E-banking for national transfers or via wise.com (we’ll send you the link) for international transfers. Any extra fees have to be paid directly by the participants. 


Any other cancellations are applicable as per these regulations:


The participant is responsible to pay cancellation fees as


● Cancel 60 days prior to arrival - 100 percent of the full booking fee is due

to the organizer

● Cancel 80 days prior to arrival - 80 percent of the full booking fee is due to

the organizer

● Cancel 100 days prior to arrival - 60 percent of the full booking fee is due to

the organizer


The cancellation policy applies to all reasons for cancellation. The organizer is not responsible for any forces of nature that may cause the participant to cancel. Also, holiday and health insurance are recommended.


If the cancellation occurs due to consequences caused by the spread of coronavirus COVID 19, provisions of this Article do not apply, but the organizer has the right to retain a non-refundable deposit, while the rest of the price will be refunded to the participant.If for any reason the organizer has to cancel a booking, a full refund will be given to the participant. In case it’s prohibited to travel to the country where the retreat is happening, we’ll be doing our best to find another venue option. 


Please bring  EUR 100.- in cash as you check-in that will be returned to you after check-out if there wasn’t anything damaged or taken away from the hotel. By paying the deposit, you’re agreeing to the above-stated booking and cancellation policy. An assistant of Aleks Nikolic will take your deposit and give you a recipe for it. Please notice that you’ll be held for any costs or damage you’ve caused during your stay. 


Please note that there are no refunds if you choose to leave the training at any point from to 60 days prior or in between. 

You are responsible to have international health and travel insurance. 


It’s your responsibility to have all the valid travel documents.


In case the training needs to be canceled by the organizer due to a lack of participants, you’ll be offered an alternative option or receive a full refund.



1 Registration / deposit / final payment


Upon receipt of the registration, the participant will receive a confirmation of registration together with the bank details for paying for the retreat. The place at the retreat is only definitely reserved with a deposit (the exact amount is specified on the relevant website or agreed separately with the provider). This amount can no longer be reimbursed in the event of a cancellation by the participant. The remaining payment must be paid no later than 60 or 30 days before the start of the retreat unless otherwise agreed in writing.


With the deposit, the registration is binding and obligates you to pay the entire amount. Failure to pay does not count as a cancellation. If the number of participants is limited, registrations will be considered in the order in which the deposit was received. The receipt of the transfer counts.


The aforementioned payment deadlines are expiration days. If payment is not made on time, the participant will be in default without a reminder. In this case, the provider is entitled to withdraw from the contract without setting a deadline, to refuse the (retreat) services and to cancel the booking by charging the full cancellation costs. In this case, we expressly reserve the right to make further claims for damages.


2 Prices


The prices for the offers can be seen on the website of the provider. We reserve the right to make individual arrangements, including processing fees and any additional costs outside of the offer (e.g. visa fees, tourism taxes).


3 Vouchers


Vouchers can be purchased for participation in a riding & yoga retreat or for the use of other services of the provider (riding & yoga vouchers). The vouchers are valid for 5 years from the date of purchase. Cash payment is excluded.


The vouchers are not personal and can be transferred to other people.


4 Services


The scope of services is determined according to the information communicated in writing by the provider (e.g. by email or written confirmation) and according to the information on the website of the provider. In the event of contradictions, the information communicated individually in writing takes precedence. Special requests by the participant as well as subsequent deviating agreements must be confirmed in writing by the provider.


5 Price changes


The provider reserves the right to change the advertised prices for important reasons and to adjust the costs actually incurred afterwards. This applies in particular to subsequent price increases due to the increase due to transport costs (e.g. fuel surcharges), subsequently introduced levies such as tourism taxes or other taxes, as well as changes in exchange rates or invoice or publication errors.


Price increases can be asserted no later than 21 days before the planned start of the retreat. If the price increase is more than 10% of the offer price, the participant is entitled to withdraw from the contract. In this case, the participant is free to take a substitute trip if possible. Further claims such as claims for damages are excluded.


6 Cancellation by the participant and substitute before departure


The booked offer must be canceled in writing (the date on which the provider receives the written cancellation is decisive).


In the event of a retreat cancellation of a retreat abroad up to 60 days before the start of the trip, the total amount minus the deposit will be repaid. If a retreat in Switzerland is canceled up to 30 days before the start of the journey, the total amount minus the deposit will be repaid. In the event of cancellation at a later point in time, the total costs will not be reimbursed (this also applies in the event of illness, accident, pregnancy, etc.).


In the event of a cancellation, a processing fee of CHF 50 will also be due.


The provider recommends taking out cancellation insurance, which may cover the cancellation costs (see also section 2.9).


The vacated space can be assigned to a replacement person. In this case, a processing fee of CHF 50 will be charged and any rebooking or additional costs will be borne by the participant. The substitute must meet all travel requirements. The participant and the substitute person are jointly liable for payment of the total amount as well as for any additional costs.


7 Program changes


Program changes and changes to individual services (program, accommodation, travel companion, yoga instructor, means of transport, etc.) due to unforeseeable circumstances or security reasons are expressly reserved. In this case, any additional costs are borne by the participants. Reduction and reimbursement claims as well as claims for damages are excluded in this case. No liability is assumed for program changes due to travel delays.


8 Premature termination of the trip by the participant


If the participant breaks off the trip prematurely for any reason, there is no right to a refund of the offer price. Any additional costs are borne by the participant.


9 Travel cancellation by the provider/failure to reach the number of participants


A short-term retreat cancellation due to compelling reasons such as force major, official measures, strikes, etc. is reserved. If the retreat has to be canceled for compelling reasons, the provider will endeavor to offer an equivalent alternative program. If no replacement program can be offered, the provider will reimburse the participant for the payments made for services that have not been used, whereby expenses already made will be deducted. Further claims, in particular claims for damages, are excluded.


A retreat can also be canceled up to 30 days before the start of the journey if the minimum number of participants is not reached. In this case, the amount paid will be fully refunded. Further claims, in particular compensation for damages, cannot be asserted.


10 Arrival & entry formalities abroad


The outward and return journey to the destination is the responsibility of the participants and the costs are not included in the offer. It is up to the participant to arrive on time. No liability is assumed for travel delays and reimbursements for unused services are excluded in this case.


11 Insurance


Insurance is the responsibility of the participant in every respect.


When participating in a riding & yoga retreat, the provider recommends clarifying whether riding accidents or accidents with horses are included. Helmets are compulsory for horse riding & yoga retreats.


We strongly recommend that you take out travel/cancellation insurance. The participant should also check and ensure that he / she is adequately protected by his / her health insurance company in the event of illness and accident insurance (also abroad).


The provider cannot be made liable for theft or loss of objects.


12 Personal and health requirements


For (riding &) yoga holidays/retreats, good health and a stable mental state are required. The participant participates independently and undertakes to inform the provider about any physical and/or psychological impairments. Before participating, you may need to seek the advice of a doctor or psychotherapist.


If a participant does not meet the physical or psychological requirements, the provider can exclude the participant from the (on) trip. All associated costs, including early travel home, are borne by the participant. In this case, unused services will not be reimbursed and additional costs must be borne by the participant.


13 Liability


The liability of the provider is limited in any case to double the offer price and only covers the direct damage. The provider only reimburses the failure of agreed services if it was not possible to provide an equivalent replacement service on-site.


The provider is not liable if the non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of the agreed services can be traced back to the following causes: a) failure of the participant before or during the trip b) unforeseeable or unavoidable omissions by third parties that affect the provision of the agreed service are not involved c) force majeure or an event which the provider or service provider could not foresee or avert despite due care. Claims for damages are excluded in this case.


14 Complaints


If problems or complaints arise during a retreat, the participant must immediately contact the tour guide on site. If the issue cannot then be resolved to the satisfaction of the participant, the participant is obliged to contact the provider immediately (by phone or email). In the event of non-compliance with this obligation, later claims are excluded.


If defects cannot then be remedied on-site, the participant must report them to the provider in writing no later than 30 days after the end of the retreat. If the defects are not asserted within this period, all claims are forfeited.


15 Applicable law and place of jurisdiction


Only Swiss law is applicable. Subject to mandatory statutory provisions, the place of jurisdiction is at the registered office of the provider.