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Sa., 26. Feb.


Intoku Yoga Zürich

Ceremony of Ease - Yin & Cacao Journey to create space & invite in tranquillity (by donation)

Let's get clear - we all have those times when sh*t hits the fan and life seems like a giant mess. Either it’s the inside or the outside that seem off. Sometimes the outside is very fine and yet inside you, it feels not enough.

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Ceremony of Ease - Yin & Cacao Journey to create space & invite in tranquillity (by donation)
Ceremony of Ease - Yin & Cacao Journey to create space & invite in tranquillity (by donation)

Zeit & Ort

26. Feb. 2022, 10:00 – 13:30 MEZ

Intoku Yoga Zürich, Vulkanstrasse 108a, 8048 Zürich, Switzerland


Über die Veranstaltung

*no certificate required anymore*

Ceremony of Ease - relax your nervous system, calm your mind, nourish your body & connect to your heart

February 26th / 10 am - 1:30 pm

Let's get clear - we all have those times when sh*t hits the fan and life seems like a giant mess. Either it’s the inside or the outside that seem off. Sometimes the outside is very fine and yet inside you it feels not enough. 

Other times the outside goes so crazy that it brings you inwards and then..what? What to do if your partner breaks up out of the blue? How to deal with life without a job or being self-employed in a crisis? And how to change a life that seems perfect from the outside but it isn’t nourishing you from inside because your heart feels dead?

We don’t know what’s going on in anyone’s life beside that one person living their life. What we need is less judgement and more safe spaces to process through such phases. A few hours where we can simply let go of holding ourselves together and pretending all is okay. 

A space where we know we won’t be distracated and have to calculate well what to share and what not but simply feel all that is. A space where we can cry and laugh, think all the scarry thoughts and open up courageously to new possibilities in life. A Journey Back to Your Heart. A safe and sacred space to slow down, be in your body, feel your heart and release some of the baggage to leave that space feeling a bit more grounded, clear, connected to yourself and open to idea that you can trust your intuition.

Inviting in EASE into our being. And from there into our lives and everyone that encounters us.

Yin Yoga is a very simple practice for every body. You don’t need to have any experience, simply be open to try out a new method to tune inside yourself without anyone dictating you what to do in your life, what to feel, how to solve, how how how blablablabla. But simply be and have SPACE to figure it out for yourself. 

We hold the yin shapes for a few minutes, practice breathing through the challenges and feel the comfortable as well as the uncomfortable, not push thoughts away but let them flow. We open our hearts again. We move from numbness to aliveness. Because feeling is healing.

We'll be drinking a Cacao that is super grounding and yet bringing so much lightness, relaxation and softness into our physical bodies but also our hearts. We have a moment to feel, melt, be soft and take a break of performing.

In society where everything has to happen fast, yesterday and without mess, in the ceremonial spaces created by Aleks you’re invited to embrace the Human Experience without that whole bla bla bla around love and light and we’re all one and bla bla bla *insert another spiritual sentence you’re tired of hearing*. 

We’re on Planet Earth, it’s intense, let’s deal with life and start managing our systems so that we can feel like we’re living our lives for ourselves and not try to be someone who we are not. Less shoulds, more heart connection. Less “it’s just like that”, more flow. Less chronic disatisfaction and more curiousity and aliveness.

It’s YOUR life. Release the bullsh*t and discover what feels right to you.

A Journey Back to Your Heart.

This Journey starts with a Meditation and Pranayama (yogic breathing technique), after arriving and setting our intentions, we embark on our Cacao & Yin Yoga Journey. We close it with a Sea of Om Meditation and then there will be tea and snacks served in our lounge area where you can have a chat.


Book your ticket via this form. Please note that there are NO refunds if you have to cancel the journey. There is a chance to join a different event at a discount price or get a free of charge spot depending on availability.

Please note that you can either buy a regular ticket or choose the by donation option and pay what you can. I will donate 50% off the profits to CARITAS that is supporting the humans in Ukraine during these scary times. 

Regular Ticket: CHF 200.-  (reduced: CHF 170.-) for a 4 hours journey inlcuding a cacao ceremony, yin journey, 1 online yin yoga class, unlimited tea & infused water, healthy snacks (dates, veggi sticks, roasted nuts, vegan dips, dried fruit, fresh fruit depending on season), high-quality yoga props, changing rooms with lockers and showers, a community of like-minded and big-hearted humans

-Additional: 10% off with a KulturLegi / other official document / students or people with very low income - send an email to to request with a copy of your KulturLegi

-If you're a participant of the Ceremonial Yin Yoga Teacher Training, you also receive a discount

What else?

——> Tickets are limited to 12 people only. If you want one, grab it early.

——> In the ticket included is: A complete yin journey, tea, snacks, high-quality yoga props, meeting great new people, 1 online yin yoga class to keep the yin vibe going.


-INTOKU in Zurich Altstetten close to the Bahnhof.

-Please arrive 10-15 minutes earlier to change and settle in. The door opens at 2 pm We start at 2:15 pm, if you’re late there might not be access to the Journey granted. We end our journey at 5:10 pm and then after clearing the space we move to the lounge area for tea and snacks. The space is closing by 5:40 pm.

-Changing rooms, lockers and showes available as well as high quality props.


  • 3,5 hours deep yin yoga journey & cacao ceremony
  • Tea, infused water and healthy snacks in our Lounge Area
  • Generous changing spaces with showers, high quality yoga props
  • 1 Online Yin Yoga Class to practice at home and email with different resources, playlists, practices
  • A safe space to be yourself no matter what gender, age, background, profession, physics, race, religion
  • An amazing group of humans to connect with
  • An opportunity to reset, recharge, relax and set new intentions and gather inspiration on how to make every day beautiful
  • An invitation to start creating rituals out of automatic habits
  • Everyone is welcome, no experience is needed, yoga props are available at the studio. Please bring a big towel or your own mat to cover the studio mat. Wear warm, layered, comfortable clothes that you feel good in.
  • If you want to take a Naked Chocolate Ceremonial Blend back home to make delicious hot chocolates, please order at least 48 hours in advance as the cacao blends are freshly prepared:
  • Please let me know before booking if you're pregnant, take blood high pressure/heart medication, anti-depressants, have epilepsy, have physical/mental challenges/limitations, and/or are unsure if this is the right practice for you. From there I can tell you what dosage of cacao as well as if the yin sequence makes sense for your current state or if another one would fit you more.


  • There is no more certificate needed. As these are again a bit unpredictable times, if you get tested positive, you may receive another opportunity to join a ceremony until June 2022 or a discount if you book a private 1:1 or group session.Please note that it will not be the exactly same Ceremony and that I ask for patience. You may get on waiting lists, if the ceremonies are full already. If your spot can't be filled, it's CHF 60.- fee to change your ticket into a voucher in case there is another reason than a positive test / health reason for not joining.
  • As the BAG regulations keep changing, by buying these tickets you agree to provide all details needed no matter how the regulations change by the government as I can't offer any refunds.
  • In case of a lockdown, the new date of the ceremony will be communicated. No refunds available but options.

Please note that the current booking & cancellation policy and safety concept applies and that you also agree to any future gouvermental changes in case they shift again. No refunds if cancelled but you can transfer your ticket to a friend if it is at least 24 hours in advance. Find all the policies and safety concept here:


  • Ceremony Ticket Regular

    10% off with Kultur Legi if you email with a copy of it

    CHF 200.00
    Verkauf beendet
  • Early Bird Ticket

    10% off with Kultur Legi if you email with a copy of it

    CHF 185.00
    Verkauf beendet
  • Ceremony Ticket Reduced

    If you earn below CHF 3000.- (not living with someone who earns too / single parents / low income households) 10% off with Kultur Legi if you email with a copy of it

    CHF 170.00
    Verkauf beendet
  • Donation-Based Charity Ticket

    I will donate 50% of the profits to Caritas which is supporting the people in Ukraine.

    CHF 0.00
    Verkauf beendet


CHF 0.00

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