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1 janv. 2023 - 31 déc. 2023

A Ceremonial Year - 12 Rituals for a Magical 2023

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Instead of setting intentions only in January, in A Ceremonial Year we create each month a ritual and set intentions from January to December of 2023. Every month you'll receive a new ritual including journaling questions and a meditation/yoga nidra in the video, audio, and/or written form. This is for everyone that doesn't want another year to simply pass like a whirlwind but each ceremony is to be a reminder to take your power back, calm your mind, nourish your body and connect to your heart. Every 1st of the month you'll receive a new ritual to complete from January 1st to December 1st, 2023. You'll have access to the rituals until 31.12.23

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