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taking care of yourself prior to hitting rock bottom


Make 2023 the year where living life from the heart becomes a lifestyle and taking time for yourself is a priority.


By getting the Magical Ceremony Trinity Pass, you'll get a voucher that is valid for three monthly ceremonies with Aleks Nikolic in 2023 in Zurich City. After booking and paying you'll receive an email with a document to download. 


CHF 435*.-  for three 2,5-3,5 hours ceremonies in Zurich with Aleks Nikolic. The pass is valid for 5 months after and not transferable unless it is a medical reason with a confirmation from the doctor/hospital. The transfer will then cost CHF 30.- 


*Low Income below CHF 3400.- a month as a single parent / low income job

For the low income, send an email to


This special offer is valid until January 10th. 

Magical Ceremony Trinity Membership - Your Cacao Ceremony Abo

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