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A Summer full of Magic

Enjoy this summer's magic by sitting in a Ceremony with amazing humans, setting intentions from the heart with ceremonial cacao, exploring your inner landscapes with the support of deep yin yoga journeys.

Monthly Ceremonies at the Open-air Yoga Shala "Yoga Scheune"




I guess the heart has its own mysterious ways - they might seem unclear to the rational mind but if we stay grounded, keep listening to that internal voice and make sure our minds stay clear and calm in the storm and combine that with a big piece of COURAGE, then you’ll always land where you have to land and be living in integrity with that hearts path.


I know all I do is somehow centered around the heart - this comes because what I teach is a blend of things I’ve learned from my teachers but also through life itself and my big journey is centered around the heart, emotions, and making what seems mystical spiritual something very down-to-earth, day to day magic and the so-called mundane absolutely magical.


For this summer I’m trying something new out and the ceremonies will be longer, slightly complex with those blended tools and with the intention to penetrate you with a specific energy.


Our nervous systems sometimes don’t know how certain things feel because we haven’t experienced them or in a way that was harmful and so we keep repeating it and it seems like a fairytale that there could be a different scenario, a different story, a new beginning that is in alignment with your deepest hearts yearning. You can “JUST” feel it is right. Scarry. Terrifying. Exciting. Loving. Opening.


You take a breath

And then you take the risk to go after the heart

For the sake of opening


Not for the sake of fulfilling something

Of feeling full or more of


Simply feeling life pulsating through you and engaging with it

It’s like watching someone dance and wish you’d danced too and not realizing you could just stand up and dance too


A life lived

Through easy chapters

Through hard chapters


I’ve promised myself a few years ago to always follow my inner flow. I even have two tattoos that symbolize that. To walk my path - with the heart open. Magic is everywhere. And so are the brutal, dark, heavy human tendencies.


It’s a Human Experience in the end. But you…. who are you? :) Who is thinking? Who is yearning?


This summer I’d love to invite you on a transformational journey to unveil some of your heart's mysteries. To look at life from a perspective of magical opportunity - through pain and joy.


the summer magic

16 hours of ceremony

to invoke deep feelings

dive into emotions

and staying centered

a curious adventure

expedition to the center of your own heart

safely guided & held

come as you are

have an intention

and stay open to encounter different parts of yourself

less burning bridges

more weaving connections

parts of us

not fragmented but melting into each other and expressing itself in this human experience as a whole {medicine}


Whoop Whoop!


What will actually happen?


The ceremonies are 4 hours long and each has a specific feeling that we want to envoke and really dive deep into it, letting it break our hearts open, melt some of the armors and create a space where you can feel everything that you connect to that certain emotions - healing past wounds, karmic stories, patterns you’re tired of and embracing what you want to invite into life.


We’ll envoke those emotions with ceremonial cacao (specific brew for each month, starting with a new blend called “magic potion”), yin yoga journeys (slow, meditative, deep-going yin yoga), myofascial release (using tennis balls and yoga blocks to release physical blocks in the body at specific trigger points), yoga Nidra (yogic sleep to powerfully set new intentions and plant them into your subconscious), mantra meditation (the power of sound, repeating a mantra that has a specific vibration and meaning behind it, can transform you on a deep level), the wisdom of the tantric hatha goddesses (chinnamasta, kamala, kali, dhumavati) to support us as archetypal energies as we explore new parts of ourselves and bring back aspects of ourselves that we’ve denied!


And all this combined with meditation, community, and a magical open-air yoga shala in the forests of Meilen, next to us a river flowing, birds singing, the sun shimmering through the dancing leaves. It’s all about a FELT and EMBODIED experience - which means we’ll be using all senses and different bodies (emotional, physical, mental, energetic) and there will also be a specially brewed spice-herbal tea and smudge blend to add to this experiences.


I’ve added a sliding scale for the prices and if you got financial resources, get the “give back ticket” which is the regular ticket plus CHF 25.- that will be donated.


The donations from June and July go towards BALI STREET MUM’S - an important Balinese organization that supports and protects street mums and their children in Bali. If you have great organizations that are working locally and where you know the work is great, please hit replay and let me know.


Find all the dates here for our Magical Summer and book your ticket in advance.


I’m very excited about this - we’ll be expanding our capacity of what it means to not only open the heart but feel all its aspects and open to life in a new way - an attitude of “EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE” - even re-writing painful heart stories. Healing hearts, nourishing bodies, softening our beings, clearing our minds… Miauu! The time has come to trust that deep wisdom that resides within.



For questions, email hello@aleksnikolic and to get into the heart vibe, check out this 5 hours transcendental heart journey playlist. 

Weekly Morning Rejuvenating Yin Yoga Classes on the island "Werdinsel" in Zurich City in English & German


Enjoy a nourishing yin yoga class gazing inwards or at the blue sunny sky, the river flowing next to you, the grass creating a perfect yoga mat, and inviting you to ground and relax. Yin Yoga is a simple practice for everybody. We create simple shapes with our bodies and hold them for a time as we relax deeper into them with each exhale. We're being invited to slow down, tune in, let go and wake up (Yin Culture).

These summer classes will happen directly by the water in the grass on the island Werdinsel where you can enjoy a swim, sunbathe,e, and lunch afterward. If it rains, the class will happen online from the comfort of your home or you'll be invited to special pop-up locations if the weather does not change on too short notice. 


Our themes and dates:


5.6. Leichtigkeit & Dankbarkeit im Leben einladen 

19.6. Re-building trust to your body & celebrating who your are today

24.7. Healing a broken Heart & Connecting to Your Inner Wisdom

31.7. Magie des (offenen) Herzen erleben, Vertrauen aufbauen & Ängste spüren

7.8. Sparking Love for Life & Releasing old Experiences 

21.8. Visionen für das Jetzt & die Zukunft pflanzen

28.8. Releasing tension & grounding into your Heart

Time & Meeting Point: 

In June the classes start at 10-11 am and from July and August 9-10 am. Please arrive 10 minutes before the class starts in front of the bad / restaurant “Werdinsel” and you’ll be picked up to come to our practicing spot.


Prices, Booking, Passes:


-Per Class: CHF 25.-

-Five Class Pass: CHF 100.- for 5 classes from June 5th to August 28th valid (20.- per class/pay 4 get the 5th free / not transferable)


BOOK your class here and receive your confirmation directly

Please note that booking and cancellation policies apply and that there are no refunds. You’ll be informed by 4 pm on the day before via email if the class shifts to online or a new location. If you do not receive any update, then you can assume that the class will happen as planned at Werdinsel outdoors. Please bring your own yoga mat (or a big towel), your swimming suit, towel and foulard/hat, sunscreen & water bottle. 

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