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Image by Rodrigo Flores

Meet Aleks Nikolic

Aleks Nikolic's mission is to create safe and sacred spaces for people to reconnect back to their hearts, meet their darkness, and remember their light. Her ceremonies and journeys come straight from her heart, she's been traveling, teaching, exploring life and studying yoga as well as sharing cacao for the past 4,5 years and decided to come back to Switzerland in January 2020. She's holding space in ceremonies a few times a month at Yoga Tribe K3 and K6.

She believes that everyone has their light and power inside them - the power of choice - choosing the right thing. What is the right thing? The things that are in integrity with our intention. Before asking yourself what you should be doing - notice how you're doing what you are doing and what the intention - the driving force - is behind it. 


Her collective intention for those ceremonies is that people can feel safe to be all they are AND have the opportunity to evolve, change, shit and go deep within while connecting with an amazing group of heart-centered people and nourish their body, mind, and heart.

Aleks shares ceremonial cacao because it's the Medicine of the Heart. To deepen that experience she loves to take people on yin and dance journeys to explore different parts of themselves. Ceremonies can - but do not have to - serious. 


Again - what's your attitude? Why you're there? Can you be present with all you are? If not, why? If yes, why?

All is a constant exploration - let's meet life more with curiosity, less with should and lots of space to appreciate and admire beauty, not deny pain but feel all the facets of life as we stand rooted with both feet on the Earth. Giving thanks to our breath - feeling life pulsating through us. If you think you need someone to empower you - take a look in the mirror. Trust the Process. Trust your Heart. Trust the Divine Timing.



ceremonial cacao

​Ceremonial Cacao has its origins in Central and South America and has been treaded as Medicine before the Colonialism brought it to Europe and mixed it with sugar - selling you good feelings with little integrity and nothing close to cacao.


Cacao - the food of the Gods and the Medicine of the Heart. It's said that Cacao is making its way to the Modern Civilisations when humanity starts losing the connection to Mother Earth and each other to bring them back into their hearts.


Raw Cacao also is known as “Naked chocolate” is the original ingredient in our favorite chocolate products. However, due to overprocessing, overheating, and chemical enhancements it loses most of its health benefits by the time it reaches us.


Raw Cacao is a source of theobromine, magnesium, antioxidants that help the body naturally produce anandamide (the bliss chemical), serotonin (feel-good-chemical), phenylethylamine (love chemical) which results in a better quality of physical and mental health.

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