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untamed Retreat & yin yoga teacher training immersion

7 days luxury ceremonial mountain retreat & yin yoga teacher training in Montenegro

June 5-11th 2023


Living life fully and staying true to your heart, even when it is hard. Trusting the process when all flows & challenges you. join either for the retreat or immerse yourself in the yin yoga teacher training.

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a heart adventure

Immerse yourself fully in the stunning, raw, wild & beautiful lands of Montenegro. In the National Park Lovcen, we're going not only to meet our untamed Self and journey deep within, but we'll also have a special opportunity to bath in the yin & untouched energy of this magical, serene space surrounded by nature & in total harmony with it.


The eco-luxury glamping invites us to relax, recharge and nourish on a deep level. During this 7 days retreat, we'll be exploring different tools like ceremonial cacao, mantras, rituals, pranayama, meditation, yoga Nidra, journaling, smudging, tantric hatha wisdom goddesses, yin yoga & dance journeys with live music and sound healing by Mehdi Dehbandi (check out this video from our last Yin Training there)


Each ceremony, workshop & journey is designed to get you out of your comfort zone and at the same time nurture the wild and untamed within you! How can we feel more alive? Wild? Vulnerable? Honest?


This retreat is for everyone that feels tired and like no sleep can make it up. No matter how much you relax and practice gratitude, it seems like never deeply enough satisfying. You miss something and you can't totally grasp it but feel it.


Let's discover in these 7 days what you miss and how you can make your day-to-day life more magical, alive & like your heart is breaking open - dancing with all that is and flowing through life without losing your center. Let's lose our minds, nourish our bodies, connect to our hearts & energetically open up to a life that amazes us - from the inside out.


Our UNTAMED retreat happens at the beautiful, magical, and luxurious ASHUMA Retreat Center nestled in the Montenegrian mountains.


Our first session (Opening Circle & Yin Yoga Journey) starts on the 5th of June at 5:45-7:15 pm and dinner at 7:25 pm (bonfire meditation afterward). Our last session is from 8-9:30 am and brunch at 10 am on the 11th of June.


Check-in is from 12 pm on our first day. 

Check-out by 12 pm on our last day


Schedule Example (that can vary):


9-10:30 am Morning Session

11 am Brunch

from 12 pm free time (relaxing, hiking, going for a trip, practicing, writing, flowing, optional excursions from the beach to lake trips)

4:30-6:30 pm Evening Session

7 pm Dinner

free time until 10:30 pm (we'll practice silence in the rooms from 10 pm so that everyone can enjoy their sleep)


There will be two sessions daily and one on the last day. Each will vary in length, content & intention and include different tools as described above.

Please send an email to if you have any questions.