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4 Emergency tips & thoughts on how I deal with emotional overwhelm, stress and pressure when I think

Do you know those moments when many decisions and open next steps come together and you want to rush the process from A to B but have to be patient and stick there for a while and trust the NOT knowing?

It's been a week where I feel more pressured in life because a few choices have to be made and they're all a priority but somehow dependant on each other and I just have to wait and deal with the space in-between life changes. Just wrote two "Insanity updates" on my Instagram account.

When the things come together - and they will - it's most important to use the tools we have to fully be present in the experience and neither get consumed by it nor numb. It's an art...ask my friends about their whatsapp chats!

Mostly in those moments, I feel like I can't take a break and it's mostly then when I should really take one. Often then I also feel I'm only making stupid choices and nothing will work out and and and... 

That's the process of leveling up. Growing pains. Expanding our capacity to deal with life. Expanding our comfort zone and the things we think we can't do, aren't good/smart/great/stable enough to do - feel free to insert your own insecurity and doubts!

Especially when the collective world is (finally) crumbling under many rather bad choices and not necessary events, we feel how unstable life actually is. But then you go out in nature and you're blown away by the majestic mountains that most likely will be there also when we leave our physical vessels. It's cancer season and it's all watery and emotional - so if you feel weird this month, please know you're NOT the only one. 

1. 5 minutes take out time. Means set a timer for 5 minutes (we all have 5 minutes, yes, yes even the busy bees!) or play your fave song (mine was this and I move from heart on the block to dancing) and for that time either sit or lie down (can be in a heart-opener, childs pose, legs up the wall) and this is the 5 minutes zone where you can feel all the emotions, cry, have all the thoughts, feel that stress and pressure pulsating through your system and holding space for yourself. 

{You got 10-30 minutes?

2. This is so simple we forget: BREATHE DEEPER!

Right now at this moment take three deep breaths through the nose and with a sigh release through your mouth. Sticking the tongue out and moving the face, maybe even shaking out your whole body and then stand still for another three breaths (through the nose in and out, letting the exhale breath become longer than your inhale). Feel both feet on the floor as you exhale, pressing through all 4 corners of your feet and as you inhale, let your spine rise and open your chest. 

And if you're at the supermarket and just about to have a meltdown, just take three deep belly breaths, no one will even notice as you feel your feet on the ground for a moment pretending to study the marmalade selection. 

{Got 5 minutes? Try these breathing techniques (Pranayama) on my youtube channel}

3. Barefoot walk and tree hug!

This one might sound super weird BUT trust me this helps so much! Walk barefoot on the earth. Means through the grass in the park, or take off your shoes at the forest, even if just for a couple of minutes and walk around, feeling the earth beneath your feet. If there is a river near-by, go cool down your feet and imagine how the flowing water clears your energy field and mind. Now...hug a tree! Means just place your hands on the tree or around it and your forehead (!). Take a deep breath. Even if you for one, something will shift. It feels often like the tree is actually breathing as well... 

{Got an hour or a full day? Go for a walk or hike. Either as a (half-)day trip or just as a morning or evening ritual to start and/or end your day. The more nature the better. }

4. Stay offline - no IG; no FB; no TikTok, maybe even no Whatsapp/any messenger app

It's crazy how nourishing it is to not be on the phone constantly watching others living a more fancy, more spiritual, more something life. But actually be in your own life. It's tiring and it's numbing and it's addictive. There are many different variations of how to do this. You can do offline mornings or the first hour of the day no phone or go offline for one day (and combine that with a hike). Best is actually to have the first and last hour of your day off social media and messenger apps. I'm working on getting more disciplined with it again.

So tell me, what tip are you experimenting with this week? How have the last weeks been for you?

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