The Art of Holding Space

Holding Space sounds like an abstract concept. Let's break it down to 3 very practical steps when it comes to teaching Ceremonial Yin Yoga and being a space holder.

1. Do what you need to do to manage your system so you can hold the space without being touched by the people who are realising their tension and meet their darkness. Get to know yourSelf first. Know the depth of your Heart. Let your walls melt away and heart break open by the very practices you want to teach. You can't hold space for others if you can't hold space for yourself. 2. What's your intention? Why are you doing what you do? These questions will require deep, honest inquiry. Nah, a space holder ain't healing or raining love. A space holder holds a space that is as non-judgemental as possible for people to meet themselves through lightness and darkness. A space holder is being of service and doesn't make it about them as they hold space. You can't hold space if you make a story about yourself everytime someone shows you something that feels unpleasant about you. 3. Enhance the space so that there is more light and spaciousness for healing, transformation and growth. Means as you create the space, make sure the foundation is solid so that you can flow through the Human Experience. Holding space is the ability to hold people energetically as they move through their process without interrupting it or projecting your shit. Bad news is you gotta be grounded, pure hearted and clear minded. Oops. No airy breezy unicorny sparkly always positive instagram posing yoga whatever. A space holder notices the details & nuances. Everything matters. Holding space requires commitment to constant radical self honesty, personal system management and growth. Also.. trust the process and don't make yourself too important. These are some of the things that I'll break down in the Ceremonial Yin Yoga Teacher Training next year. For questions email or visit