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As a woman in 2021, I'm tired. I just wanna be free!

Yeah, so damn tired about all the imposed assumptions being projected on to me.

I just wanna be free and explore what's beyond those constructs, templates, and imposed limiting ideas of life and how it should be lived. I'm tired of not being asked what I actually want, what makes me tremble, what makes me feel in love, what I imagine, and whatnot. Can there be more options for me? To explore. To immerse me in it? To lose me and find me in everything and everyone? Can I be all I am and go for what feels good? What gives me a high? Can I explore the depth and enjoy its darkness lf breaking open as much as the blissful orgasm?

What about meeting ourselves and each other with more curiosity? Openness? Commitment to not look away & burn bridges when our shit is being triggered? To explore what we say to want when shit hits the fan?

When we assume, we're cut off from living life fully because we're not in life, we just project some weird inner concepts and try to rationalize play, exploration, love, connection, creativity, and who we are beyond what we're told to fear and feel worthy of less if experienced. I wanna be free. I want to enjoy life! NOW. Without fucking timeline and future projections based on my trauma that only occurred because I was told that I'm not whole and worthy if XYZ happens and the only ABC will be my only remedy.

Living life from my heart and taking risks - that's my medicine, that's my cure and that's the trippy crazy amazing adventure I'm on. I want to feel the highs and the lows and open up. I want to be able to express myself freely and not live in an inner, energetic prison because of some fear-based freaking restrictions I put on myself or let others put on me.

Baby, I wanna be fucking free and fall and make mistakes and laugh. I want to have as deep orgasms as I love deep conversations. Be so free that the simplest makes me not just remember divinity but feeling it through this body.

This human experience is like a psychedelic experience without drugs. Your heart that's the drug. That's the adventure - a life lived from a space of freedom, truth, wilderness. Pathing new ways, flight high, kiss the floor and keep living. For the now. Because I might be dead before I even share these thoughts with you.

I don't want to be walking feeling dead and disconnected from what I feel. I want to feel life pulsating through me, do reckless things sometimes and be wild and enjoying life. It's already so challenging and dark out there - maybe we can give ourselves some grace and play more? Just for the sake of playing, not worrying about concepts we'll break or say no to joy because of imposed black and white templates of life and how they're bound to specific timelines.

It's just an illusion. Life is short, let's be we are, and let's cut off our heads and lose our minds.

May is for Exploring Freedom.

What is your relationship to freedom?

Let me know, I'd be curious what FREEDOM is for you and truly from inside out and what you've learned growing up that freedom means.

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