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How do you want to feel in life?

Circumstances change. Places we live change. We change. Appeareance change. People in our lives change. The cities change. Countries change. The world is constantly changing and that’s the only consistent thing if you pay attention.

Nature - there is nothing you can just catch and conserve… Even if you try, it’s still going to change like drying fresh flowers.

But defiyning what is important to you on a level of how you want to feel and move through life, can change too but also can be something to help you make desicions and check in if you’re feeling like living life and not just monotonly wait for the day you die.

Often people would say that they want to feel happy.

But what does that actually mean?

I mean: Practically. Tangianbly. In life. The one you live right now. Not the one you might live one day or the one you’ve lived - past expriences and future desires can help define it but it still has to be lived and itegrated in the life you’re living right now.

For me for example it’s if I don’t feel free - I won’t also feel happy. And freedom can look different to whatever phase I am in. The last 5 years freedom has been to travel. The past 9 months freedom has been to be in one place and have the space to actually create what I feel called to create and realize in my life

You can ask yourself following to get clear(er) on it:

-When do you feel the most happy? List activities, people, places, seasons, taste, smell, recall memories and WHY.

-Define the state of feeling happy in one sentence. Break it down to one word.

-What do you need to feel before you can actually feel happiness?

-What are the moments that you move away from it?

-What are your priorities in life?

-What are your (secret) desires and wishes in life?

-Make a list with three sections:

1. What can you change in your life so you move closer to the core-desired feelings and how you want to actually feel in life?

2. What is it that you have to accept but with an optional attitude towards it? Meaning: How can you create less resistance and just soften more into the experience?

3. What is it that you have to let go? No matter if you like or dislike it? What feels unfullfilling? Think of activities, work, relationships, where you live, how you live, your priorities in life.

If you want to change your life, it takes self-honesty, reflexion and some level of clarity. Then you have to choose if you want to live the maybe comfortably life or choose to move into the direction of growth, that will come with discomfort and a great confrontation of who you think you are and what you think makes you being you…and maybe not. All about priorities.

If you make this choice, then naturally you’ll start making steps towards changing what you can change and that energy will create a ripple effect through your whole life. So…start today. Write down three things you can do this week and do one by tonight. There is always enough time… It’s just a matter of choice and priority.

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