January has been a long year already

There is a certain pressure that I feel from inside myself to meet the expectations of who I should be as a space holder, yoga teacher, business owner, daughter, grand-daughter, friend,..

We all have this in some way or another and whatever I share in my ceremonies and writings it steems from my own experience and me sitting with certain questions and their answers.

At some point I stopped sharing too detailed personal things because so many family members (close and not so) started following me online but also because people I don’t know well or at all in personal life, love giving tips, sharing inspiration and resources when one feels down.

Yesterday I’ve read something very interesting - that having this saviour complex also steems from feeling in power when helping someone. The thing is - unoslisticed advice makes the other person feel worse, not better. Can we have more trust in the people around us and their capacity? Honestly most people ain’t too confused or anything to think for themselves and look for solutions to their challenges. Maybe those solutions are not always what we would choose but why do we even think we know better for someone else?

Sometimes good intented tips can actually be harmful because nowadays everyone seems to be an expert in anything. Even Ceremonial Cacao is not for everyone - no matter if we speak from a physical level or mental, emotional and energetic. People forget that sometimes and overload themselves with medicines - no matter if a medicine is herbal or alatrophic - the question is what is the root of it?

And sometimes there is no answer to it and it’s not all childhood trauma. We can hold things that are maybe given in some way or another from our ancestors and I often feel even so called spiritual people often cross boundaries when try to suggest you healing methods and limited beliefs you haven’t worked yet with.

We have to trust ourselves and each other more and accept that everything takes the time we need. Could be faster, could be slower but why judging someones process? Online spaces should be treated more like living rooms - you wouldn’t shit in someones actual living room, so don’t do in a virtual space either. Boundaries should be respected online and offline - especially in times where we seem to be living virtually a lot.

Currently what’s coming up for me is a bit heavy - I feel a bit frozen and stuck. And I know that with my thoughts things get worse and yet there is sometimes phases where I can’t lift myself out of it ea