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please go f*ck your spiritual superiority

Mehhh! Tyring. Bla bla bla spiritual bullshit and sugarcoated words that suggest a few different things but clarity and honesty.

The word trigger has become a reason to cross people’s boundaries and be disrespectrful because it seems to give one some special rights since we see it through our open third eye and only we can see it!





Being a f*cking pain in the ass human

That’s what comes to my mind often when thinking of certain traits people in the *spritual* community have - the so called healers, goddesses, shaktis, couches, yoga teachers, mentors, wellness enthusiasts bla bla bla

insert whatever fucking word you want

I don’t care how you call yourself

I don’t care how many hours you’ve registered with the Yoga Alliance

I don’t care how transformational your Bali trip was

I don’t care how enlightened you think you are because you’ve gotten a crystal collection

I don’t care how free, liberated and wild you want to appear on your instagram account

I also don’t fucking care about how spiritual you seem to be, how spiritual your products are and how spiritual it is the way you eat, breathe, shit and travel.

I don’t care if you host women circles, call yourself a priestess, love to use the hashtag #womensupportingwomen or speak about how much of a feminist you are

Give me a break spiritual community

Give me a break from your assumptions

Give me a break from constantly not following through with your dogmas and being a fucking asshole human

I care more about your integrity with your words, actions, thoughts

Who are you beyond your cool Instagram posts?

Who are you when you don’t make yourself the fucking center of Planet Earth?

Please just take a break.

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