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Unpopular Opinion: Maybe it’s not the pandemic’s fault but your inability to create beyond limits

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Unpopular Opinion:

Maybe it’s not the pandemic’s fault but your inability to create beyond what you think is possible.

Why do some things (including businesses and services) fail but others not?

And I’m not talking about you selling masks now.

But what is it that all the stuff that does still work and flow have in common?

And..who’s failing?

I think failing comes when we wait for something to happen in the outside so that we can move forward.

The think is… We’re in this pandemic now since March. It’s been a wild crazy year and we got still a couple months left. Commonly we hear that it ain’t easy at the moment. Yup, it’s true, some stuff happening is really challenging and now as I talk, I really use my experience in Switzerland as an example as this is where I am at the moment.

It’s def. more difficult if the business you’ve been doing so far with or without passion has to close down or has so many restriction that the whole experience beside the product and service you’ve been offering, isn’t possible to be delieverd.

It’s hard, is challenging, it hurts, it brings up all the fears.


Do we really believe there is a fast and easy way out of this? I think the madness on Planet Earth just might have started and maybe things will get better… but also they might go worse again because, well welcome to Planet Earth!

How adaptable are you? How flexible are you? How creative are you? And how open are you?

Why put energy into trying to make things work that just don’t work?

And some of the offerings are also just not good. I think it takes a lot of honesty to admit that some stuff out there is just shitty and does not benefit anyone, maybe even harm!

It’s really hard to tell which gouvermental concept makes the most sense but in any case.. We gotta create something new if things don’t work and this is one of the big teachings. We can keep focussing on the things we feel powerless about but what if we shift the exact same amount of energy towards what we can create?

If it’s nothing that you live naturally by, you have to train your mind to think different thoughts or have more options and ways to think as per now,. So expand your mental menu, match your energy and deal with the (inner) shit that comes up as you level up.

What is needed now?

How can you shift and adapt your offering?

How can the same or similar intention be re-created in a different container?

I mean some stuff just doesn’t work. I kept saying last week that it is a pity when yoga teachers get stuck with their 75 minutes vinyasa class and think they should give it up and maybe even stop teaching all together because “it doesn’t” work.. well not everything “just” works.

Maybe you’re not communicating well enough with your people. Maybe your ad’s suck because it’s old school marketing style of selling in a selfish and boring way. Maybe your offering sucks. Maybe you’re not such a great teacher. Maybe the experience you provide is not worthy leaving the house and experience it.

Could be anything and sometimes it’s just a different season and time of the year and people have different needs. if you teach and share for the people and not just for your own little purposes, then you’ll find a way. One of the first things you have to develop when teaching and being self-employed is stamina. Yeah, right there. And sort out your money beliefs. Those are very nasty in the spiritual world and keep many limited. So…as my good friend would say: Just get your mind together!!!!

We choose the limits. We might have adapoted them as a child from whatever we experienced and have seen…But come on.. You’re an adult now, let’s stop blaiming “the society”, “the culture” and whoever else you like to blame for all the pity in your life.

Self-responsibility and self-honesty are key to creating an intentional life and doing things with meaning. For me at least. It’s not always very comfortable, brings up lots of fears and ideas that limit you and then… well you work through, have a good cry, have a great dance, laugh and keep creating.

We can spend our lives blaming outer circumstances and people and never create or choose anything we truly feel from the heart because we unconsciously give all our power away in a way that is distructive instead of creative.

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